McLaren postponed some Melbourne upgrades – Alonso

McLaren did not run its complete Australian Grand Prix upgrade package last weekend, Fernando Alonso has revealed.

The team planned to add several aerodynamic upgrades to its MCL33 following its disrupted pre-season testing. But Alonso admitted some of these were not on the car during Sunday’s race.

“The car has good potential as we identified in winter testing,” said Alonso after finishing fifth. “I think it’s still to be unlocked a lot of potential that we have in the car.” “Some of the updates that we planned for here will come for the next coming races. So I expect a lot from McLaren.”

“And I think the integration from McLaren and Renault, this combination, is very new,” he added. “It’s the first race, so a lot more to come.”

Racing director Eric Boullier praised the team for the progress it had made since the pre-season tests. “Reliability-wise we had a trouble-free weekend, which is a relief after the issues we had in winter testing,” he said. “It’s all thanks to a huge amount of hard work from everyone in the team, who have done a remarkable job since Barcelona.”

“Now we need to keep pushing, and work on readying the upgrades we have in the pipeline as soon as possible.”