2017 Ford Mustang NotchBack Design by Chris Cyrulewski

It all started as I was working on the Mustang GT350 showcar. After coming close but failing to get my corvette project off the ground I wanted eager to try something new and this seemed like the perfect platform. like the Corvette, the newer mustangs have lost a lot of the Heritage. The base is there but I felt I could give more of that muscle car feel. I will admit that I was never a Mustang guy but that was more due to the fact that growing up in Detroit you were either GM or Ford guys and most of my family worked in one way or another with GM. I know most people love the fast back but I am partial to the notch because it was how the Mustang was born and to me had more muscle car feeling. In the 80s when I was in high school the notch back was back and strong but again died out. The problem with the new fast back Mustangs is there is no defining break between the roof and sloped glass back so the are just one continuous surface from header to spoiler. The goal for this project is to team up with a car builder and get this to SEMA but as it stands its still just digital. I am registered with SEMA as a car builder so I have access to all engineering for the Mustang so what you see is 100% on package. In order to get the notched roof I would need to start with a convertible which would lead to the decision on weather to keep the convertible top and make the roof removable or make it from metal and weld it in place, the second option would look cleaner and is what I am leaning towards. I think the images best tell the story of my vision of a modern heritage Mustang.

I wanted to give you a little more info on my inspirations for the NotchBack. First is the color, Ford calls It calls Gold Green, I just added some tweaks and metal flake. On the front end I dropped the nose slightly and gave it a more aggressive slant forward (Inspired from the 1968 Shelby GT500) and added the unmistakable air inlets from the 1970 Mustang mach1. You'll also notice it is quite a bit wider, 3 inches in the front a 4 in the rear. On the body side I took the front fender vent outlet from the GT350 and turned it around and made it an inlet for the rear brakes which also draws back to Mustangs heritage design wise. The rear has more delicate touches like a slightly steeper spoiler angle and more pronounced rear fender arches. Because of the notch I had to add a trunk lid. Last I modified the diffuser to fit the new exhaust tips.

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