6 Tips How to be a Smart First-Time Car Buyer

Buying a car is never easy, especially if it is your first car, for the first time! It is probably the first major purchase of your life. The car-buying process comes with lots of excitement and equally, uncertainty due to many mixed information and ill advices that may lead many people, particularly young adults to later regret their decision.

If you are new to the automotive marketplace, making a right decision is not easy. Here are some tips you should know before buying your first car.

1. Know your budget

Calculate your cost of living in all important aspects including shelter, food and other fixed expenses. The remaining could be monthly instalments, insurance, fuel and other expenses for your first car. For first-time buyers, the ideal car should give the highest value for money – the most fully-equipped car that comes at the most affordable price such as the New Mitsubishi Attrage and New Mitsubishi Mirage city cars.

The top-of-the-line model always comes with the most features. Look at all variants and details thoroughly as most brands mainly promote their top models and these are mostly more expensive than lower variants. The key is to keep your options open. Take your time to compare prices and benefits. Do not make quick decisions.

Even if you can afford the top-of-the-line variant, shop around for models that give you the best features for your budget. For example, the high-end New Mitsubishi Attrage GLS LTD and New Mitsubishi Mirage GLS LTD are among the highest in numbers of functions and the most favorable prices in its class. They are superior to similarly-priced competitors with features that include stylish synthetic leather seats, Bi-LED headlamps, LED daytime running lights, Cruise Control system, Welcoming and Coming Home Light functions, Emergency Stop System (ESS) and plenty of safety systems. Car buyers will have to pay more for other brands to get the same features as those on New Mitsubishi Attrage GLS LTD and New Mitsubishi Mirage GLS LTD.

2. Explore the whole model range

Do not overlook entry-level variants. Most buyers often choose higher variants in order to get the most convenient features. But if you have a limited budget, some entry level or lower end models can be a good buy too. Look out for makes that offer more options even in their lower variants. For example, the GLX variants of New Mitsubishi Attrage and New Mitsubishi Mirage come with more functions. These include fog lamps, power side mirrors, multi-function steering wheel and Apple CarPlay connection, and 7-inch touchscreen with Smartphone-Link Display Audio (SDA). They also have Active Stability Control (ASC), Traction Control System (TCL), Brake Assist (BA), Emergency Stop System (ESS) and Welcoming and Coming Home Light functions that other makes may lack.

Special promotions also help make it easier to own your first car. New Mitsubishi Attrage and New Mitsubishi Mirage come with special offers. 'Pro Heng' New Year The promotion package includes 0% down payment and THB 3,000 monthly instalment support for 10 months, free first-class insurance for 1 year, free 5-year warranty, and free 5-year periodic maintenance service labor cost. The offer is applicable when book New Mitsubishi Attrage or New Mitsubishi Mirage before February 29, 2020 and delivery by March 31, 2020.

3. Size matters, so does design

Determine your transportation needs. If you primarily drive in city traffic, go for city cars. With smaller turning radius, first-time buyers with less driving experience will find them much easier to maneuver in packed traffic and park in narrow parking lots of some trendy cafes. City cars with the right engine size also provide better fuel efficiency.

Your first car will also be one of your most memorable cars and will eventually give you memorable experiences so opting for something stylish and unique design is not a bad idea. The design should also come with useful and outstanding features.

4. Take a test drive

Online sources and words-of-mouth on give basic and visual information. What you feel behind the wheel will give you the final decision. Go ahead for a test drive.

Seeing and testing the car in person also allows you to access other aspects such as interior space. In addition to features such as 60:40 separately-foldable rear seats that increase luggage space for more shopping bags, sport equipment, music instruments or luggage for a vacation, you can look for other highlights. Some city cars come with premium materials found only in more upmarket vehicles and you cannot see or feel these from looking at pictures. For example, New Mitsubishi Attrage and New Mitsubishi Mirage provide a leather steering wheel and gearshift knob, piano black finishing, and carbon print decoration – these are better seen in the flesh. Internal difference is just as important as external one.

Taking a test drive will also give you a hint of the kind of customer service you can expect from the automaker. Look for reliable aftersales service with affordable price, such as 'We take care, you just drive'. It is Mitsubishi Motors Thailand's commitment to customer satisfaction that is built upon 5 key pillars including Genuine Service, Genuine Parts, Genuine Technicians, Genuine Performance and Genuine Network and Accessibility.

5. Focus on safety and Fuel Efficiency

Expect the unexpected in clogged city traffic. Some safety functions are designed for stop-and-go driving situations like Forward Collision Mitigation System-low Speed Range System (FCM-LS) in New Mitsubishi Attrage and New Mitsubishi Mirage. The system detects the distance between your car and the vehicle ahead, and automatically applies the brakes if you do not respond to any risk of a collision. This reduces the chances of crashes, or the severity of collisions should they occur.

Another helpful safety feature is Radar-Sensing Misacceleration Mitigation System-Forward (RMS-Forward) that uses radar sensors to prevent sudden starts and mitigate damages caused by collisions. Rear View Camera also helps drivers park in parking lots of some hidden and happening restaurants, while Hill Start Assist system (HSA) keeps a car from rolling backward when stopped on an incline in parking facilities in department stores or office buildings.

When you head out of town, functions like Active Stability Control (ASC) and Traction Control System (TCL) help maintain steering control of the vehicle at higher speeds. All aforementioned systems are fitted as standard in New Mitsubishi Attrage and New Mitsubishi Mirage.

Meanwhile New Mitsubishi Attrage and New Mitsubishi Mirage also maintains the environmental-friendly powertrain – a 1.2-liter DOHC engine featuring MIVEC variable valve-timing system that maximizes fuel efficiency at 23.3 kilometers/liter.

6. Connected features for everyday life

For a young and on-the-go lifestyle, nothing is more relevant than a connected system in the car. Make every journey an entertaining one with Apple CarPlay. You can make or answer phone calls, send or receive text messages, and play music without touching your smartphone. The feature comes as standard in New Mitsubishi Attrage and New Mitsubishi Mirage.

Owners of New Mitsubishi Attrage and New Mitsubishi Mirage can also use M-Drive, friendly mobile application offering easy access to car maintenance services and more. The application can update status and service information in real time on both Android and IOS.

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