Cadillac CTS-V Carbon Black Editions- The first time for the special limited model of Super Sports Sedan “V Series”

General Motors Japan Co., Ltd. (Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo, President: Wakamatsu, abbreviation: GM Japan) has a maximum output of 477 kW (649 PS) / 6,400 rpm and a maximum torque of 855 N · m (87.2 kg · m) To the power, unveiled a limited model " Cadillac CTS-V Carbon Black Package " wearing an exceptionally feminine form, will be on sale on June 3, 2017 in the Cadillac regular dealer network nationwide. This is the first time for the special limited model of Super Sports Sedan "V Series" to inherit the lineage of Cadillac Racing . Domestic sales limited to 4 rare models. The manufacturer suggested retail price (tax included) is 14,900,000 yen. The base model is a super sports sedan "Cadillac CTS-V" equipped with Cadillac's LT 4 6.2 liter V8 supercharged engine. Acceleration of 0 - 60 mph (about 96.6 km / h) achieved an amazing power of 3.7 seconds. Based on the Cadillac · Luxury · Sedan which provides agile exercise performance and a comfortable and sophisticated driving experience, it is the ultimate super sports sedan pursuing high-level driving performance by cutting-edge technology directly under Cadillac Racing. In this "carbon black package", based on Spec-B which is a high spec model of CTS-V equipped with carbon fiber aero package and RECARO 16 way performance sheet, exclusive black chrome grill and 19 inch after midnight dark finish Adopted aluminum wheels, low gloss carbon fiber interior trim. We are emphasizing a more daunting and lacy image. Body color is available in two colors: Sable Black and Crystal White Tri Coat. Combined with carbon black package, the aggressive type which unified the entire body with black, and the type which makes individuality and sense which made accent of black part to white body stand out. Both have a vivid presence. In addition, the interior adopts "Jet Black / Jet Black Accent" interior color and V carbon fiber interior trim. Even in a luxurious atmosphere full of fine quality, it enhances the lacy driving pleasure.

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