EGEB: SunPower gets Trumped, First Solar sold out for the decade, I heart CO2, more

SunPower to reduce workforce by 3% in new restructuring round – The company announced it would, ‘reduce its workforce by 3%, due to the Section 201 trade case decision by US President Trump to impose new import tariffs of solar cells and modules imported into the country. The company didn’t say where these specific jobs would be lost though. If jobs are lost in another country – the politicians won’t care. And the politicians might even celebrate that the jobs are being lost at an off-shore ‘low cost’ destination.

First Solar sold out well into 2020 – During 2017, First Solar booked an additional 7.7 GW of PV modules. And so far in Q1 2018 – through February 22 – it is reporting another 1.3 GW in bookings, bringing the total to a stunning 9.1 GW-DC. The company has a 9GW backlog of orders. I listened in on the earnings call last night and it was really interesting to hear First Solar paraphrased as saying, ‘We’re in uncharted territory. We’re sold out. And its a problem, but a great problem.’ An analyst from a big bank asked if it was possible to squeeze more production from current infrastructure installed – which happens to be their ‘old’ product. Must be challenging to be a salesperson working on commission when you can’t deliver product ordered today until 2021.

The White House’s attack on scientists could manipulate public opinion – During President Trump’s term there have already been 111 attempts by the federal government to censor, misrepresent, or stifle science. And the link within this article lists all 111 attempts.

On the tweet below – When 31.5% of your energy infrastructure is owned by the people, that means the revenue flows direct to the people. Money makes people vote – whether to save it, or spend it. I’d love to hear the reasons people vote for solar – even with its higher cost historically, and if the people getting the money has something to do with it.

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