Elon Musk to go on trial in ‘pedo guy’ defamation lawsuit

Musk has already apologized but refused to settle the case out of court.

Tesla chief Elon Musk is set to go on trail today for his controversial "pedo guy" Twitter insult directed to a British diver who helped rescue a team of youth soccer players trapped in a Thailand cave.

The flame war started when Vern Unsworth criticized Musk's efforts to create a small submersible rescue pod (pictured) designed to help extricate the kids from the flooded cave, calling the plan a "PR stunt" and telling Musk to "stick his submarine where it hurts."

Musk fired back on Twitter and eventually posted the infamous "pedo guy" accusation. The executive also sent an email to a reporter arguing that Unsworth was a "child rapist" who traveled to Thailand to find a 12-year-old bride.

Musk has already apologized for the Twitter trash talk, however he refused to settle the defamation lawsuit out of court. His attorneys have argued that the pedophile comment was stated as an opinion and the dispute was instigated by Unsworth.

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