Get More for Less! Esso launches upgraded Mobil SuperTM range that provides better engine wear protection up to 65%

• From the makers of Mobil 1 TM, the new range meets or exceeds latest industry standard of API SP and ILSAC GF-6A

• Mobil SuperTM offers proven protection at wallet-friendly prices to enable all car owners to maintain their vehicles in top condition April 9th 2021, Bangkok – Esso (Thailand) Public Company Limited, unveils its updated Mobil SuperTM line offering proven protection and value-for-money, making it easier for all car owners to care for their vehicle while taking advantage of Mobil world class technology.

“The new formulation, specifically in benzene application, has proven to provide engine wear protection up to 65% under the latest API standard using Sequence IVB (iron wear) test,” said Manoch Munjitjuntra, Director & Thailand Lubricant Sales Manager. “The new Mobil SuperTM range meets or exceeds the latest API SP and ILSAC GF-6A standard in providing enhanced engine wear protection at everyday prices.”

Mobil SuperTM is from the maker of Mobil 1TM, benefitting off 150 years of proven experience, technology and performance. The Mobil SuperTM is formulated to the needs of both benzene and diesel applications:

• Mobil Super 3000 All-in-One Protection: a fully synthetic engine oil suitable for wide range of temperature. It is formulated with ‘Heat Activated Anti-Wear™’ molecules so the more your engine heats up, the harder Mobil Super protects while also providing benefit of improved fuel economy up to 2%*.

• Mobil Super 2000 Friction Fighter: a synthetic technology engine oil formulated with ‘FrictionFighter™’ molecules to create a solid protective layer that cushions the impact when engine parts come in contact, protecting your engine against life-shortening wear.

• Mobil Super 1000 Everyday Protection: a premium mineral engine oil formulated with the ‘ExtEngine™’ molecule – an age-defying, anti-wear ingredient which reacts to engine-damaging stress by creating a long-lasting protective barrier to extend engine life.

The ever popular Mobil Super Turbospeed sub family is also updated to a 7 liter pack size in conjunction with the latest diesel vehicles requirements in the market.

“To get the word out on this exciting news, we will be launching ‘Esso Smiles X5 with Mobil’ promotion from April 1st till May 31st 2021,” added Manoch. “On purchases above THB 1,000 of either Mobil 1, Mobil Super 3000, or Mobil Super 2000, Esso Smiles members will receive five times the numbers of points they currently get per purchase on the platform. Additionally, buyers of Mobil Super 3000 and Mobil Super 2000 on pack size larger than 3 liter stands to get an exclusive Mobil SuperTM t-shirt.

You will find the promotion across all Esso service stations nationwide and also at ‘Mobil 1 Center’ and ‘Mobil Express’ located in those service stations which can be located via

*for Mobil Super 3000 0W-20 based on Sequence VIE test result versus API SP industry reference oil. Result varies subject to engine, temperature and actual driving conditions.

About Esso (Thailand) Public Company Limited

Esso (Thailand) Public Company Limited (“Esso Thailand”) is an affiliate of Exxon Mobil Corporation, one of the industry leaders in the global energy business. Esso Thailand is an integrated petroleum refining, petrochemical, and marketing company under ExxonMobil, Esso and Mobil brands.

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