Goodyear Thailand Unveils Wrangler AT SilentTrac: Enjoy the Quiet, Conquer the Tough Goodyears new 4×4 tire presents enhanced DuraWall Technology with exceptional on and off-road performance

Goodyear Thailand today announced the latest tire to carry the legacy of the award-winning Wrangler family, the Wrangler AT SilentTrac.

The new product offering is tailored for confident drivers with a strong desire for adventure and the freedom to explore with full control over the wheels. Packed with the latest features of DuraWall Technology, drivers will be able to experience an all-terrain drive with an extended mileage and quietness on road.

Following the success of the Wrangler AT/SA, the Wrangler AT SilentTrac is designed to enhance the driver's truck by providing rugged toughness while delivering a smooth drive, plus an impressive on and off-road handling performance and added resistance without noise. The latest innovation introduces an upgraded DuraWall Technology that withstands rugged off-road use by resisting cuts and tears, allowing versatility for drivers to go off-road at a moment's notice. The improved rigid shoulder blocks and optimized tread pattern design deliver outstanding strength and reduced road noise for a quieter ride, while also resulting in excellent mileage and on and off-road performance.

Ryan Patterson, Goodyear Asia Pacific President says: "We are ecstatic to release our latest innovation in the Asia Pacific to fulfill the needs of 4x4 drivers who want to experience excellent performance both on and off road. As the Wrangler AT SilentTrac outperforms its predecessor, and even major competitors, we are confident that this marvelous new product will further empower our drivers to go further."

"Our long heritage in the 4x4 segment and proven track record in developing award-winning 4x4 and SUV-tires enabled us to create the latest Wrangler AT SilentTrac, a tire that allows mid-value consumers to drive confidently with increased traction and toughness for an enjoyable and silent driving experience," added Ryan.

The newly-launched Wrangler AT SilentTrac exhibits improved engineering and design benefits and features in three key areas:

-All Terrain Performance: The advanced DuraWall Technology and optimized sidewall and tread provide superior off-road durability.

-Robust Traction Blocks: The new design features solid centerline blocks with abundant traction edges to deliver reliable all-terrain traction and is robust for off-road toughness.

-DuraWall Technology: Wrangler AT SilentTrac's innovated DuraWall Technology highlights a tough sidewall with thicker gauge and robust compound that provides greater resistance to cuts and punctures with high abrasion and tear resistance for a supportive off-road driving experience.

-Robust Tread Compound: The advanced tread compound with silica blend is developed to resist cutting and chipping during off-road driving without compromising wet traction on road.

-Quiet Performance: Wrangler AT SilentTrac's refined tread design and revamped centerline and shoulder block design deliver a comfortable and quieter experience.

-Angled Centerline Blocks Design: The aggressive traction blocks are angled for a progressive impact to lower pattern noise.

-Solid Shoulders: The remodeled shoulders feature a combination of pronounced traction notches and solid ribs that result in a smoother impact on the road.

-Thicker Rubber Layer Under Tread to Absorb Vibration: The thicker rubber layer under tread softens contact with the road and reduces noise for a more pleasant ride.

-Mileage Performance: The tread area was optimized for an even pressure distribution across the footprint, resulting in excellent mileage and great balance for on and off-road performance.

-Larger Wearable Rubber Volume: The new tread pattern includes an 8% increase in rubber volume for extended tread life.1

-Robust Tread Compound: The advanced tread compound with silica blend presents a better resistance to road abrasion, resulting in superior tread wear.

-Optimized Cavity Shape: Wrangler AT SilentTrac's updated cavity shape provides an enhanced contact patch allowing the load to be evenly distributed for extended mileage.

Furthermore, the Wrangler AT SilentTrac is packed with other essential advantages for a tougher and enduring on and off-road experience, including a wider load range in comparison to its predecessor, improved and supported wet braking performance, a larger contact area for the benefit of braking performance and a stiffer foundation of its solid shoulders for heavy handling.

The Goodyear Wrangler AT SilentTrac is available in 15 to 18 rim diameters providing a first-class on-road comfort while ensuring an intensified resistance and strength for venturing off the bitumen.

About Goodyear Thailand

Goodyear Thailand was established in 1968 and began tire manufacturing in 1969. In 1978, Goodyear Thailand became a publically-limited company. It now provides original equipment (OE) and replacement tires for passenger, 4X4/SUV, light truck, commercial truck and aviation customers both for domestic and export markets. Goodyear Thailand also has the only Goodyear facility in the Asia-Pacific and one of only two plants globally that manufactures new aviation tires. For more information about Goodyear Thailand and its products and services, please visit

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