Grand opening of a trade show for convenience and automatic products of the year, ASEAN (Bangkok) Vending Machine Self-Service Facility Expo 2019

Chinese Business Group leading by Asia Pacific Vending Association, Guangdong Grandeur Int'l Exhibition Group, and Compass Exhibition organize the ASEAN (Bangkok) Vending Machine & Self-Service Facility Expo 2019 or Vending ASEAN Expo 2019. The exhibition will showcase 200 brands and companies of the latest innovation for retail business, technologies, services, amusement, and toys from 20 countries and is expected to attract more than 10,000 visitors. With TCEB's support, the organizers aim to build an effective B2B platform in the ASEAN region. The exhibition will take place from 19 to 21 September 2019 at Hall 7 – 8, IMPACT Exhibition and convention center, Thailand.

Mr. Jacop Kong, The regional director of Guangdong Grandeur International Exhibition Group Co. Ltd. said "Thailand is one of the fastest-growing retail industries in Southeast Asia. The booming of the tourism industry is driving the rapid development of the retailindustry. The Thai Retailers Association has predicted the growth to be around 0-3.1% in 2019 from the expansion of the tourism, retail market, department stores, shopping centers, or retail business with all retail groups extending the need for a vending machine or automatic facilities."

"In addition to responding to the expanding of the Thai tourism and retail market, organizers also aim to build an effective B2B platform in the ASEAN region among the fields of vending machine, amusement, and toys with Thailand Convention & Exhibition Bureau support. Moreover the organizers also inviting buyers from Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Singapore, Vietnam, Thailand to attend the expo and business discussion with more than 200 vending companies and brands, exhibitor is 30% Thai and 70% international, from 20 countries such as CP retailink, Top Vending, FMT, ICT, FUJI ELECTRIC, Jetinno, Easy Touch, SUN108, Vango, LPMB, Joyi, HSPOS, Yunyin, SNBC, and LE Vending. Vending ASEAN Expo 2019 will focus on the industry's three key sectors: 48% of Vending Machine, 20%of Self-service Facilities and 18% of amusement and toys. " Mr. Jacop Kong added

The highlighted products will be showcased in the exhibition are vending machine, self-service facilities, amusement park, toys and preschool products. In addition, there are interesting international conferences for participants to share their knowledge and learn about trends in the retail industry, amusement park, and toys such as the ASEAN Bangkok Shopping & Tourism Forum, International Vending Conference, and ASEAN (Bangkok) Toys & Preschool Expo, etc.

Nowadays, vending machines play an important role in facilitating customers in the digital age that require the speed of online trading and payment. Resulting in the retail industry must adjust to make shopping convenient and fast with those vending machines that can be located in all areas to reach all customers, such as water vending machines, 24-hour service and using a paid scan will be even more increase convenience and popularity of general customers.

However, with the great success of the Vend ASEAN 2018, we are confident that this year will still have good results. Currently, there are more than 200 brands and companies accepted to join the exhibition. It is expected that more than 10,000 investors from retail, amusement park, and toys businesses will visit the exhibition.

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