Great Wall Motor Officially Launches All New HAVAL H6 Hybrid SUV at Prices of 1,149,000 baht for PRO and 1,249,000 baht for ULTRA,

Ready to Bring Intelligent Mobility Experience to Thai Customers through GWM Application

• The wait has ended! GWM announced prices of All New HAVAL H6 Hybrid SUV at 1,149,000 baht for PRO and 1,249,000 baht for ULTRA with ‘ONE PRICE’ policy across all sales channels.

• The launch is supported by Premiere Deal campaign with complimentary offers including the special 1.79% interest rate for up to 48-month financing, 1-year comprehensive car insurance, GWM PRO Service Inclusive (GPSI) for 5 years or 100,000 kilometers, and many other privileges worth over 100,000 baht totally.

• GWM reaffirmed its readiness to deliver the best O2O (Online-To-Offline) experience to consumers across sales and after-sales services through GWM Direct Stores, Partner Stores, and GWM Application.

• Most recently, the company has already opened six GWM Stores of both types combined and will open 6 more within July 2021. GWM is confident to increase the number to 30 by year-end and further to 50 in Q1 next year. Thais can also look forward to seeing the first GWM Experience Center outside China and GWM Service Center due for opening soon.

• Customers can rest assured with full-fledged after-sales service, thanks to company’s readiness across service center operation, parts, and technicians with a concept to introduce new service experience via O2O channels along with best-value service from ‘Worry Free’ maintenance package.

Bangkok (June 28, 2021) – Great Wall Motor (GWM) officially launched the All New HAVAL H6 Hybrid SUV in Thailand today with theme ‘It’s Time to CHANGE’ and announced official prices at 1,149,000 baht for PRO and 1,249,000 baht for ULTRA, along with the launch campaign Premiere Deal. Interested customers can book this new hybrid SUV or a test drive via two channels: GWM Application and WWW.GWM.CO.TH. The event also reiterated GWM’s promise to bring superb O2O (Online-To-Offline) sales and after-sales experience to customers with ‘4Cs’ approach of Connected, Capability, Convenience and Cost of Ownership. GWM is confident that the first batch of the All New HAVAL H6 Hybrid SUV will begin delivery within July this year. In addition to presentation of the All New HAVAL H6 Hybrid SUV and price announcement, Elliot Zhang, President, and Steven Wang, Vice President of Sales and Marketing of Great Wall Motor ASEAN and Thailand, together with Narong Sritalayon, Managing Director of Great Wall Motor Thailand, emphasized GWM’s strategic vision to be the xEV Leader in Thailand by bringing intelligent mobility and seamless O2O (Online-To-Offline) sales and after-sales experience through GWM Application to Thai consumers under New User Experience strategy.

Elliot Zhang, President of Great Wall Motor ASEAN and Thailand, said, “The world has constantly changed rapidly in different ways, especially in the past year where we all have faced the COVID-19 pandemic. This has created the ‘New Normal’ where we have adapted ourselves under this circumstance. For automotive industry, the trend has shifted more towards ‘Intelligent’, ‘Electrified’, and ‘Globalized.’ As promised when we made our brand debut and announced our business strategy in February this year, we are here today to show our commitment to be the xEV Leader and help uplift Thai automotive industry in accordance with the national policies. At GWM, we keep progressing our product design and development, production innovation, and technology, as well as experience design across sales and after-sales to ensure the best automotive experience throughout the customer journey. Since our brand launch and business strategy announcement in February this year, this time, we are back with GWM has always continued to put our best efforts in R&D to create the ultimate product design, state-of-the-art innovations, and technologies as well as the best driving, sales, and after-sales experiences. With all these, we want to bring ‘New Energy’, ‘New Intelligence’, and ‘New Experience’ to Thai customers on a platform that combines online and offline experiences seamlessly, creating endless possibility of intelligent connection between ‘human, vehicle, platform, and lifestyle’ in favor of innovative experience in every respect. We believe very much that Thai consumers are now ready to begin a new journey and enter into this change with us.”

Steven Wang, Vice President of Sales and Marketing of Great Wall Motor ASEAN and Thailand, added, “We are all in an era of innovation today. Changes can be found everywhere, all the time. GWM, too, has changed, evolving from a traditional carmaker into a Global Mobility Technology Company. When we enter Thailand, we want to bring a ‘change’ to this market with our new retail model that will build better brand-customer relationship in all areas from selecting the car to after-sales service. We take user-centric approach to every change we are introducing to the Thai market as we always place our customers as the heart of our business operations.”

The five areas of change GWM is bringing to the Thai market:

 New Product Experience

xEV Leader strategy will give Thais an innovative mobility experience that prioritizes electrification, spearheaded by All New HAVAL H6 Hybrid SUV as the first model from GWM. It is packed with LIFE+ and highly advanced and intelligent technologies to fully delight Thai consumers with a new experience of personal mobility.

 New Distribution Channels

GWM Store network, comprising of Direct Stores and Partner Stores, goes beyond clichéd dealership business model towards full-form user lifestyle space. To promote good brand-customer relationship, it provides access to multipurpose spaces to accommodate interesting activities created by customers themselves. Moreover, GWM Application connects customers to online services and special experiences from GWM across all channels.

 New Car Buying Experience

With ‘ONE PRICE’ policy, pricing and service quality as well as transaction procedures and promotions are all standardized. All the information is transparent and accessible on GWM Application and GWM’s official website. The consumers can, therefore, choose to buy from any official channels and locations with assurance of fair offers and the same excellent standard of services.

 New Approach to Services

Rather than being reactive, GWM uses ‘proactive policy’ to relieve customers’ worries and concerns. Through GWM Application, customers can be kept updated with important information such as service appointment and service status, or even evaluate the service and provide feedback and comments for future improvements. All in all, consumers are not only enjoying the service but also be the co-developer to grow GWM for the better together.

 New Level of Customer Relationship

GWM has shifted from product-focused to user-focused business mindset, which will nurture a richer relationship between GWM, business partners, and customers as supportive friends who grow together rather than a conventional buyer-seller relationship.

Narong Sritalayon, Managing Director of Great Wall Motor Thailand, revealed about the company’s readiness and sales and after-sales strategies: “It is not easy for a new player to win consumers’ approval in a short time. GWM is aware of this, and we have readily equipped ourselves in every respect to deliver the best products and services to create the best experiences to the customers. With insights from our continuous consumer study and conversation with the Thai people, we design a seamless O2O (Online-To-Offline) experience including planning an informed xEV selection to meet Thai preferences, working out packages and privileges that will be most relevant to Thai consumers, building a dual-format network of Direct Stores and Partner Stores, and connecting online experience by making all our services available to customers at their fingertips on GWM Application. These will heighten customer convenience and satisfaction in an unprecedented way.”

GWM has already opened six GWM Stores, divided into three Direct Stores at Central Bangna, Future Park Rangsit, and Silom Complex, and three Partner Stores at Charan Sanitwong, Rama 5, and Udomsuk. The company plans to achieve a network of 30 GWM Stores by the end of this year and further to 50 within Q1 next year. Furthermore, GWM will also be opening the first GWM Experience Center outside China at ICONSIAM in Q3 and Service Center in Q4 this year as well.

On after-sales front, GWM has already prepared its service operation to provide convenient after-sales support to the customers with ‘4Cs’ concept.

 Connected: Connection to a centralized database of vehicle information enables real-time access to service and repair records with greater accuracy, including ability to view historical data via vehicle telematics, records of visits to service centers, and ability to reach GWM Call Center for roadside assistance on GWM Application. Customers can also connect in-car infotainment to receive news, traffic information, or even entertainment contents with full-featured streaming function.

 Capability: By the end of this year, after-sales service operation at all GWM Partner Stores will have combined capacity of 256 service bays and 11 paint workshops, plus access to auto parts warehouse that supports nationwide parts delivery within 24 hours and speedy 3-hour delivery in Bangkok Metropolitan Region. The service is provided by highly skilled, highly competent technicians who have undergone intensive training to deliver the best service to the customers.

 Convenience: Seeking a service is convenient with three accesses: 1) visit a service center in person; 2) request a scheduled service at customer’s home; and 3) request car pickup/delivery arrangement from a service center. Service requests can be booked/requested via GWM Application that connects customers to a seamless O2O experience across online appointment, online repair approval, service status tracking, and secured online payment with safe and convenient procedures.

 Cost of Ownership: The All New HAVAL H6 Hybrid SUV offers one of the best SUV service and maintenance packages in the market. With the two ‘Worry Free’ packages; GWM “PRO” Service Inclusive (GPSI) and GWM “ULTRAL” Service Inclusive (GUSI), customers can leave their worries behind during their five-year’s ownership of GWM car. With the overall cost of maintenance is 15% lower than other SUVs in the same segment based on packages with the same 5-year or 100,000-kilometer coverage.

Another important part and considered as the heart of these new experiences from GWM to offer to Thai consumers is the GWM Application. This platform connects all experiences together with its features that will bring enriched experience and excellent services to the customers, including:

 Community: GWM customers and followers can discuss, comment, provide suggestions, and share news and information openly to each other.

 E-commerce: This section offers financial services and processes users’ transactions, ranging from online car reservations and test drive requests to car purchase procedures. Its features include financial estimation, warranty package review, car financing application, online payment, and car delivery to customer’s doorstep.

 Car-Remote: Customers can control selected functions of the vehicle remotely via GWM Application on their mobile phone or other supported devices such as checking the locations of the car, opening-closing the door, or turning on air-conditioning etc.

 Brand Store: Using GWM Points collected, customers can redeem various merchandises from a curated selection of lifestyle items on the Brand Store.

All New HAVAL H6 Hybrid SUV Leaves Nothing to be Desired

The All New HAVAL H6 Hybrid SUV is the newest addition to China’s best-selling SUV model series that has already sold more than 3.5 million units globally. Its exterior looks striking with unique design appeals of three-dimensional Classic Geometric Pattern front grille, intelligent LED headlamps that also give greater confidence and safety in nighttime driving, unmistakable LED Taillight Strip spanning the width of the rear end, and large 19-inch sporty alloy wheels. The interior exudes minimalist elegance in two-tone color scheme. It features three connected display screens: 12-inch intelligent touchscreen display, 10-inch multi-information display, and 9-inch head-up display on the front windscreen. While electroplated rotary shift adds to futuristic look of the interior, a wireless smartphone charging dock provides great convenience.

In terms of utility, the All New HAVAL H6 Hybrid SUV boasts greater comfort and spacious cabin, thanks to its largest overall dimensions in comparison to other SUVs in its class. To increase airy pleasure in the cabin, it features a large panoramic sunroof, plus a peace of mind regarding air quality with CN95 air-purifying system that can effectively reduce PM2.5 level to around 27 micrograms per cubic meter. This air-purifying system also reduces the unpleasant scent to help keep the fresh air circulated in the cabin of the car.

Driving Enjoyment and Safety with All-Road Performance and Intelligent Systems

The All New HAVAL H6 Hybrid SUV features a hybrid powertrain that uses 1.5-liter turbo engine—one of the best engines with variable geometry turbocharger (VGT) from GWM—in conjunction with an electric motor to produce max power of 243 hp and max torque of 530 Nm. A Dedicated Hybrid Transmission (DHT) system helps maximize fuel efficiency while minimizing environmental impact with the Fuel Consumption of 19.2 km/liters, based on the international standard car information label system (ECO Sticker). Moreover, it supports four driving modes: Standard, Sport, Economy, and Slippery Road.

The All New HAVAL H6 Hybrid SUV is built on the latest and most efficient GWM LEMON platform that supports multiple vehicle designs and engines, resulting in greater durability and toughness. It stands out from others in its class in terms of intelligent technologies equipped. Among them, FOTA capability enables over-the-air firmware updating without the need to visit a service center while AI technology allows intelligent voice interaction and command. Users can also control their vehicle or perform commands remotely via connected GWM Application on smartphone, such as vehicle status inspection including doors, windows, fuel level, tire pressure and temperature, and vehicle location, or even activate door locks, open or close tailgate, close the panoramic sunroof, and switch on the air-conditioning before entering the car. The All New HAVAL H6 is also equipped with a full host of intelligent driver assistance and safety systems, including Level 2+ Autonomous, two radars at rear bumper, and as many as twelve ultrasonic sensors and five cameras.

First-in-Class Driver Assistance Systems

GWM is setting a new benchmark by equipping the All New HAVAL H6 Hybrid SUV with nine driver assistance systems that are available for the first time in its class.

 Adaptive Cruise Control features stop-and-go function that stops and re-accelerates the vehicle to a preset speed. It also has Cornering Brake Control that automatically slows down the vehicle to a safe level upon approaching a curve and re-accelerates to a preset speed on departure.

 Traffic Jam Assist is ideal for inner-city use during heavy traffic hours.

 Integration Auto Parking can complete bay parking, parallel parking, and angle parking with scene-based combinations of autonomous steering, braking, and acceleration.

 Auto Reversing Assistance memorizes the route when the vehicle is driven at a speed below 30 km/h and can auto-reverse on the same course for a distance up to 50 meters.

 Auto Emergency Breaking and Intersection provides added safety with 180-degree detection of through and cross traffic using ultrasonic sensors and all-around cameras.

 Low Speed Emergency Breaking performs automatic braking at low speeds for better safety in low-speed driving.

 Rear Cross Traffic Alert and Breaking warns the driver when another vehicle approaches from a blind spot behind while reversing towards a crossing or backing out of a parking space.

 Wisdom Dodge System automatically controls the vehicle to keep a safe distance from large-size vehicles in adjacent lane to avoid accidents.

 Secondary Collision Mitigation tries to keep the vehicle stable when involved in a collision to avoid subsequent collisions.

The All New HAVAL H6 Hybrid SUV also features a full host of many other advanced safety systems, such as Lane Keeping Assist, Lane Departure Warning, Lane Center Keeping Assist, Emergency Lane Keeping, Blind Spot Warning, Forward and Rear Collision Warnings, and high-resolution 360-degree view cameras. All these safety systems come as standard from the entry model up.

Affordable Prices Announced for Would-be Thai Owners

Now launched officially in Thailand, the All New HAVAL H6 Hybrid SUV is available in two choices: the second top, Pro, at 1,149,000 baht and the top-of-the-line Ultra at 1,249,000 baht. With “ONE PRICE” policy, the prices are the same across all sales channels. Its launch is supported by Premiere Deal campaign with complimentary offers during the launch period including special 1.79% interest rate for up to 48-month financing, 1-year comprehensive car insurance, GWM PRO Service Inclusive (GPSI) with 5-year or 100,000-kilometer coverage, 15,000 GWM Points, car delivery to customer’s doorstep nationwide with fully filled-up gasoline, and many other privileges worth over 100,000 baht totally.

To give customers a peace of mind on long-term cost of maintenance and ownership, both PRO and ULTRA models of the All New HAVAL H6 Hybrid SUV also come with factory warranty and roadside assistance with coverage of five years or 150,000 kilometers of distance travelled, plus 8-year battery warranty for unlimited distance.

Since its entrance into Thailand, GWM as a “Global Mobility Technology Company” has consistently made phenomenal moves in the Thai automotive scene. Today’s launch kicks off another major change that GWM brings to the Thai automobile market and automotive industry while reaffirming its commitment to continuous business development to deliver the best products, services, and experiences to Thai consumers.

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