Mercedes-Benz claims new A-Class sedan most aerodynamic car

Mercedes-Benz has claimed a new record for the lowest drag of any production vehicle with the new A-Class sedan.

The new sedan has a drag coefficient of just 0.22 Cd and a frontal area of 2.20 square meters, equating to a drag area of less than 0.49 square meters.

The company says the numbers represent the lowest drag of any production vehicle worldwide, dethroning the CLA Coupe that previously held the record.

The claims apparently exclude previous limited-production models, such as the Volkswagen XL1 with a drag coefficient of just 0.186 Cd but production capped at 250 units.

The A-Class sedan employs extensive gap sealing, nearly complete underbody paneling, an optional active grille shutter and a reduction in frontal area.

Additional teasers will likely arrive as Mercedes-Benz inches closer to the sedan's formal unveiling.

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