Mercedes Sprinter Jet Van: a luxurious office and apartment on the road!

For most of us, business travel and the necessity to be mobile are a chore which we would rather minimise, if we only could. What if a vehicle interior could become a comfortable and exclusive place, or a cosy spot where we could get ready for important business negotiations, relax watching a movie, or cherish a glass of champagne with a bunch of guests? Try and picture a beautiful and luxury setting…

This is exactly what has inspired us to create a unique interior of the Mercedes Sprinter Jet Van: the thought of a mobile office that could easily get converted into an exclusive living room.

The inside of the car is dark and elegant, and we have used a combination of black and grey leather and Alcantara, decorated with meticulously crafted, contrasting, golden seams, webbing and perforations. The jewellery elements, such as beautiful exotic wood, the laptop holders, central panel, and floor were made of, add a spot of classy luxury to the interior. Some elements, for example cup holders, the rim of the minibar and decorative covers of the side panels, have been plated with 24-karat gold. We did not want the vehicle interior, though, to be overly decorative, so gold and exotic wood have been used only to make subtle accents underlying the exceptional character and perfect quality of the interior.

Apart from its extraordinary design, the interior has been equipped with multimedia facilities, such as two 3D screens in the passenger compartment – a 40-inch and a 21- inch one – transmitting the image from the cameras outside the vehicle and inside the passenger compartment, two multimedia stations – 10-inch tablets – enabling the operation of the air conditioning, an electrical system of 7-way seat adjustment, automatic window sun shades, lighting and all the electrical components. In the roof and on the sides, LED lights have been installed. Carlex Design experts have also catered for a perfect vehicle acoustic soundproofing system and a professional audio system, which is a real treat for music lovers.

The original and meticulously crafted interior also required an exterior conversion, so Carlex designers have created a customised body kit and reinforced wheels. The Carlex Design Mercedes Sprinter Jet Van has been hailed one of the most beautiful personalised vans in the world. Check it out by yourself!

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