MICHELIN Pilot Street 2 UNVEILED UNDER THE #SAFE WHEN DRY, SAFE WHEN WET CONCEPT Spearheading Superior Safety in Both Dry and Wet Conditions, New Sporty Look, and All New Tread Pattern for Long Lasting Wear

Michelin, the world's leading tyre company, has recently introduced 'MICHELIN Pilot Street 2' – the latest addition to its sport commuter tyre range, designed for scooters and motorcycles fitted with 10, 14, 16 and 17 inch wheels. This new tyre is ideal for demanding riders who ride their bikes on a daily basis, with its superior safety performance in both dry and wet road conditions, better longevity provided by all new tread pattern, sporty look inspired by Michelin's MotoGP DNA, and enhanced riding enjoyment.

Ross Shields, Michelin Two Wheel Commercial Director for Asia revealed: "MICHELIN Pilot Street 2 will replace the MICHELIN BOPPER, MICHELIN S1, MICHELIN Pilot Sporty, and MICHELIN Pilot Street in key emerging markets – especially targeting daily sport commuting consumers. It is designed for ultimate safety with innovative technical features that encapsulate the 'MICHELIN Total Performance' philosophy; while providing exceptional riding pleasure with a smart and sporty look, plus a long service life. In addition, the fact that this tyre is made in Asia, ensures fast delivery and on-time supply to Asian and Oceanian markets."

Under the 'Safe When Dry, Safe When Wet' concept, the MICHELIN Pilot Street 2 encompasses several technical breakthroughs: (for front tyre) gradually-widening shoulder grooves for enhanced performance on wet roads; central circumferential groove for wet-weather performance, plus optimal handling and agility; (for rear tyre, or front and rear tyres – depending on size) small centre grooves for optimized water-clearance capabilities, while providing outstanding grip on dry roads and long tyre life.

"The results from TÜV-approved tests indicate that the MICHELIN Pilot Street 2 has a significantly better wet grip performance than its tested competitors," concluded Mr. Shields.

The wet performance has been independently validated by TÜV-sanctioned tests, in which the MICHELIN Pilot Street 2 lapped a 1.2-kilometre wet circuit, 4.4 seconds faster than its main rivals(1).

In Thailand, the new MICHELIN Pilot Street 2 will be marketed from 1 October 2019 Oct 1st, 2019 onwards; and will be available in 13 front and 12 rear sizes, from 10- to 17-inch diameter, to fit a wide range of scooters and motorcycles. The tyre will go on sale at Michelin's authorized dealers across the nation. For more information, please visit


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