The One-Month-Long Worldwide Online Event Aimed to Provide Enriching Digital Experience and In-Depth Information on MICHELIN Motorcycle Tyres

Michelin, the world’s leading tyre company, is taking a proactive step into 2021 by kicking off with the MICHELIN MOTORCYCLE TYRE VIRTUAL EXHIBITION, a complete 360-degree platform to experience the exciting world of MICHELIN motorcycle tyres. Apart from offering enriching digital experience and in-depth information on MICHELIN motorcycle tyres, this exhibition also reinforces Michelin’s unrelenting drive for innovation and the highest level of performance and safety. The exhibition is now live every day around-the-clock, from today until 28 February 2021.

Ross Shields, Michelin Two-Wheel Commercial Director for Asia, remarked: “The purpose of this virtual exhibition is to showcase our motorcycle tyre technology and products available in Asia and around the world; our deep involvement in racing – particularly in MotoGP, the world’s premier motorcycle championship, which is considered a tyre lab for the transfer of technology from track to road; as well as our long-standing relationships with world-leading Original Equipment manufacturers like Harley-Davidson, Honda, and Yamaha.”

The virtual exhibition consists of 5 halls, each of which is designed to highlight different content – namely, Tyre Technology detailing advanced technologies, as well as the research and development process behind Michelin motorcycle tyres; Michelin Motorcycle Tyres providing detailed information on all available Michelin motorcycle tyres; MotoGP™ Experience featuring a broad overview of Michelin and MotoGP’s long-standing relationship, the profile of Michelin motorcycle tyres and riders in the 2021 MotoGP season, plus videos of MotoGP riders and races; Motorcycle Tyre Original Equipment demonstrating the power of Michelin’s partnership with the world’s leading motorcycle manufacturers and displaying a large selection of motorcycle models fitted with Michelin tyres; and Riding Experience showing how riders around the world have experienced the performance of Michelin motorcycle tyres.

All content is available in 6 different languages: English, Thai, Bahasa Indonesian, Japanese, Korean, and Vietnamese. Visit and enjoy the MICHELIN MOTORCYCLE TYRE VIRTUAL EXHIBITION at:

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