Pentinum Electronics launched “LYVA Thailand”, a new electric motorcycle brand. Two LYVA models will be launched at “Bangkok International Motor Show 2023.”

Pentinum Electronics Company Limited, or Pentinum E, has partnered with LUYUAN, China's leader and the foremost pioneer of electric motorcycles. Pentinum E has been officially announced as the sole distributor and assembler of "LYVA" electric motorcycles in Thailand under the "LYVA Thailand" brand. Two LYVA models will be launched at the Bangkok International Motor Show 2023. Every LYVA electric motorcycle bristles with high-tech features, made from quality components imported from China and assembled at the Pentinum E's factory. Customers can be confident in after-sales service from the LYRA ATTENDANT team. In the initial phase, services will be performed at the Head Office Service Center, with Mobile Teams providing service on-site by 15 after-sales service hubs nationwide. The brand will expand its after-sales service to 100 service stations this year for easy and convenient access. This meets the lifestyle of the new generation of people who prioritize using products that are an exact fit for their intended function while also helping to save the planet. The firm has set a sales target of 5,000 units sold in 2023 with 50 dealers expected to be appointed.

Mr Tanut Jirabundansuk, CEO of Pentinum Electronics Co., Ltd., or Pentinum E, disclosed that Pentinum E was founded in 2022 to be a business partner with LUYUAN, the leader and pioneer of electric motorcycles from the People's Republic of China, as the official sole distributor and assembler of LYVA electric motorcycles in Thailand. The firm has seen that Thailand should have electric motorcycles to reduce air and noise pollution, especially when people face PM2.5, which impacts both short-term and long-term health. Further, consumers will have more chances to choose electric motorcycles. Pentium E has modified and further developed LUYUAN's motorcycles to better serve performance riding that gives value for money and saves expenses. LYVA motorcycles will be assembled and distributed under the LYVA Thailand brand

"The first intention of Pentinum E in operating the business is to be a part of the transformation to use clean energy and contribute to solving Thailand's environmental conditions, to help reduce costs for motorcycle users for sustainable equality. This leads to 3 main missions as the core of business operations: 1. Social, by being a small part of mutual assistance to create happiness and better communities. Riders are the heroes delivering better air quality by riding electric motorcycles at an affordable price. 2. Safety is the top priority when sourcing equipment to assemble motorcycles and modifying some components for local usage to ensure that riders get to their destinations with safety. 3. Sustainable, as clean air is basic equity for everybody. A better environment in the future must start from the cleanest energy available today," noted Mr Tanut.

Mr Daniel Yu, International Marketing Director of LUYUAN Electric Vehicles Co., Ltd., said that the company had been a leader in core technologies and manufacturing of electric motorcycles addressing environmental and enhancing safety issues in the People's Republic of China since 1997. Nowadays, electric motorcycles LUYUAN are exported to over 70 nations around the globe, and the company has over 9,200 outlets as its distribution network in China. From 25 years of experience, LUYUAN has discovered that consumers prefer green, high-quality products incorporating modern technology, which helps to save their expenses. There are also opportunities to expand the market to countries just starting the transition to electric vehicles. This caused LUYUAN to seek partners in Thailand with similar business philosophies. This resulted in the deal, which gave rise to Pentinum E. It is an alternative quality product with technology and carbon reductions from LUYUAN, under the "LYVA Thailand" brand for consumers. It also supports growing opportunities in the Thai electric motorcycle market, and it is a crucial goal of LUYUAN and Pentinum E to promote genuine innovation for sustainability.

Mr Tanit Jirabundansuk, Chief Product Officer of Pentinum Electronics Co., Ltd., or Pentinum E, added that the five leading causes of global warming in 2022 were 1. Power Stations, 2. Agriculture, 3. Transportation and automotive, 4. Landfill, and 5. Coastal dredging. The core mission of Pentinum E and the popularity of LYVA motorcycle usage in China made the firm envision the opportunities to offer this product to Thai consumers, to access to a quality electric motorcycle and be a part of reducing carbon emissions from vehicles, which is one of the top three causes of global warming.

For LYVA electric motorcycles sold in Thailand, Pentinum E will export a Complete Knocked Down (CKD) kit of components from China for further assembly into motorcycles at Pentinum E’s factory in Thailand. LYVA electric motorcycles have been designed with a total of 608 registered patents and come with safe driving technologies such as Liquid-Cooling Motor, which can reduce the work heat load by 30 degrees C, Intelligent Charger, Solid-state Controller, which is the exclusive patented technology from LUYUAN, and Ceramic Brakes which work on the same principle as supercars, giving the vehicles exceptionally efficient braking abilities, among many other features.

Miss Piyaporn Hassakornking, Chief Marketing Officer of Pentinum Electronics Co., Ltd., or Pentinum E, added, "Business and marketing plans for the new LYVA electric motorcycles will be the launch of 2 LYVA models at the LYVA Thailand's booth in the Bangkok International Motor Show 2023. For after-sales services in the first phase, customers can bring their vehicles to be serviced at LYVA Thailand's Head Office Service Center in Nonthaburi. Other than this, the mobile team of LYVA ATTENDANT will provide service to customers on-site, that is, to their very doorsteps. Pentinum E plans to work with partners to expand distribution channels and after-sales services to users of LYVA electric motorcycles to be accessible, easy and convenient and meet the lifestyle needs of the younger generation. Soon, there is a plan to collaborate with convenience stores to extend after-sales services to be the most easily accessible. There is also a marketing communication plan to build brand awareness of LYVA electric motorcycles. This highlights the use of online digital technology to give customers easy access through various platforms and other media to spread the word, and other marketing activities to penetrate the target segments. This will also comply with government policies in supporting the electric vehicle market in Thailand to grow exponentially, as well as increase the structure of the electric vehicle ecosystem to expand continuously and help reduce air pollution problems and global warming problems in an alternative way.

Now, Pentinum E has 15 after-sales hubs ready to service LYVA motorcycles nationwide and sets a target to sell 5,000 LYVA electric motorcycles with the expectation that some 50 dealers will be appointed and 100 after-sales stations will be established during 2023. In terms of production capacity, Pentinum E has a production capacity of 1,000 units per month. Moreover, a quality department starts from controlling the quality of imported components to assembling them into a fully-finished unit and a final post-assembly inspection to the determined standards, to deliver quality motorcycles to customers.

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