REPT BATTERO Showcases Next-Gen Battery Products at BATTERY Indonesia 2023

JAKARTA, Indonesia--March 8, 2023--PRNewswire/Dataxet

REPT BATTERO Energy Co., Ltd. ("REPT" or "the Company"), a leading new energy solution provider backed by China's stainless steel and nickel giant Tsingshan Group, brought to Battery & Energy Storage Indonesia (BATTERY Indonesia) 2023 an array of new battery storage solutions designed to supercharge the performance of new energy vehicles and smart energy storage systems. Three categories of new offerings – battery cells, racks and integrated systems – were unveiled at booth A2I2-01 where visitors learned how REPT BATTERO's new generation of products catalyze the innovation of renewables and drive the development of the energy storage industry.

Organized by PT. Global Expo Management (GEM Indonesia), BATTERY Indonesia, one of the largest energy storage trade fairs in the country, welcomed over 200 exhibiting companies and 15000 trade visitors to its exhibit hall over 3 days.

One of the highlights was REPT BATTERO's new energy storage product featuring 72Ah battery cells. The product inherits the exceptional performance of its predecessor with 50Ah cells while boasting expanded capacity and a remarkable improvement in longevity, increasing the charge cycles up to 6000 to 8000 times. The new offering has significantly prolonged the service time while providing consistent and better operational performance, making it an ideal choice for consumers who need a long-lasting and high-performing energy storage solution.

A mainstream model widely used in the US and Europe, REPT BATTERO's 50Ah model was the top-selling product in 2022, followed by its energy storage product featuring 280Ah battery cells. With the release of its new 72Ah product,REPT BATTERO aims to expand its product portfolio with more advanced features to further solidify its position as an energy storage market leader.

In addition, REPT BATTERO also showcased a high-capacity 320Ah battery powered by the Company's proprietary Wending technology. Having debuted in August 2022, the Wending technology is a game-changer that boosts the performance and charge cycle of its battery products. The product is designed for high-power applications and large-scale utility projects and is set to launch in the market in the second half of 2023.

REPT BATTERO has also released a liquid-cooling ESS that is characterized by its higher system integration and can achieve higher energy density — a 20-feet container with 3.7MWh energy.

"As the first renewable company invested in by Tsingshan Group, REPT BATTERO benefits from the unparalleled industry resources of Tsingshan to establish a robust supply chain and enhance our technological prowess in energy storage, with which we are confident that REPT BATTERO will become a driving force in helping Indonesia achieve its climate goals. We are thrilled to take this opportunity to showcase our latest innovations in green energy solutions at BATTERY Indonesia 2023, which only marks the beginning of our journey in revolutionizing the way renewable energy is harnessed, stored, and utilized in Indonesia. Our Company's batteries power Wuling's Air EV which was designated as the official vehicle of the 17th G20 Summit. Meanwhile, REPT BATTERO stays focused on its strategy of development in both EV and ESS solution, accelerating its efforts to meet the growing demand for renewable energy solutions," said Jia Hong, Sales Director of Energy Storage at REPT BATTERO.

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