Sany Thaiyont boasts the highest excavator sales volume in Thailand for 2 consecutive years with 30.4% of market share

Sany Thaiyont Co., Ltd., the sole distributor of excavator and civil engineering machinery under SANY brand in Thailand, announced its great success in achieving the highest excavator sales volume in Thailand for 2 consecutive years with 30.4% of market share. The company is ready to enter the market in 2022 to maintain its championship while creating good image and introducing new products.

Mr. Yotsawat Ruangraklikhit, C.E.O. of Sany Thaiyont Co., Ltd, revealed that, since Sany Thaiyont entered the market in Thailand with the launch of SANY brand, the company has continuously received overwhelming feedback from customers. Until now, the company has been very successful and become number one in excavator market in Thailand for 2 consecutive years from the highest sales volume in 2020 with 1,600 units and in 2021 with 1,840 units, an increase of 13% from the previous year, or 30.4% of market share.

The company’s success stems from a variety of quality products. In Thailand, the company offers 7 types of products comprising mini excavators, medium excavators, large excavators, wheeled excavators, wheeled loaders, compactors, and drilling vehicles. All types of products meet the needs of all applications with exceptional performance, fuel economy, durability, and value for money.

“Today, SANY excavators use GPS system and China's 5G technology, which is more advanced than that of Japan both in terms of unmanned machines and electrical control system causing the cost of oil to reduce by 20-30%. In the past, many people might think that Chinese products are of inferior quality. However, now the technology from China has developed in a more cost-effective way making Thai people more accepting of Chinese products, not only in machinery industry, but also automobiles and other industries. SANY is one of the top representatives of Chinese products that has become the market leader in Thailand.”

In terms of policy and target for 2022, the company has set a sales target of 3,000 units, which is considered a very challenging goal as it represents a growth of almost 50%. With this sales target, the company has prepared a strategy to generate sales by introducing new models to the market with an emphasis on products that meet the needs of wider group of customers as well as expanding new customer groups by focusing on premium products with modern technology and reasonable price.

In addition, the company will increase the number of showroom and service center from 10 locations by adding 10 more locations this year in Saraburi, Sakon Nakhon, Chanthaburi, Nakhon Sawan, Chiang Rai, Chiang Mai, and Ubon Ratchathani provinces. At the same time, the company will invest an additional 1,000 million baht to increase spare parts stock. This is in line with Sany Thaiyont’s after-sales service standard 1137 which is: Call Center contacting you back within one hour / Service department arriving at the job site within one day / General service work finishing within 3 days and special service work finishing within 7 days. You can rest assured of the company’s after-sales service and spare parts that can solve problem in every case. In addition, SANY E-vision Application on Mobile provides customers with greater convenience by allowing them to easily take care of excavators via their mobile phone. The company is striving to create service standards with guaranteed quality and excellent service.

Sany Thaiyont Co., Ltd. is a joint venture between SANY Heavy Machinery under SANY Group and Thaiyont Equipment Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Thaiyont Tractor, with 30 years of experience in heavy machinery business. Sany Thaiyont Co., Ltd. was established and started its operations in 2015.

Sany Thaiyont Co., Ltd. is a sole distributor of heavy machinery in the category of excavator and civil engineering machinery under SANY brand in Thailand. Currently, the company offers hydraulic excavators, compactors, wheeled loaders, drilling rigs and mining trucks. The company operates internationally by providing comprehensive service with sincerity, speed, and promptness. In addition, the company has continuously improved and developed its operations in line with its slogan, “Customer success is our success", which makes the company gain trust from leading businesses in both public and private sectors.

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