Tesla Model 3 brake update cuts stopping distance by 20 feet

The Model 3 has consequently gained a recommendation from Consumer Reports.

The Tesla Model 3 has received a Consumer Reports recommendation after receiving an over-the-air update for improved braking performance.

The magazine initially declined to recommend the Model 3 after measuring an inconsistent braking distance, requiring up to 152 feet to stop from 60 mph -- seven feet longer than a full-size F-150 pickup and 25 feet longer than Tesla's own Model X.

After retesting the Model 3 with new software, the stopping distance was slashed to 133 feet.

"I've been at CR for 19 years and tested more than 1,000 cars, and I've never seen a car that could improve its track performance with an over-the-air update," says CR auto testing director Jake Fisher.

The company also claims to have addressed several other complaints related to wind noise, ride harshness and rear-seat comfort, however CR has not yet rented a newer Model 3 to confirm that the latest production cars deliver the promised improvements.

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