The grand opening of ASEW&EVA 2022, the most comprehensive energy and environmental industry event in the region. Prepared to drive Thailand toward a carbon-free society

Along with network partners, the Ministry of Energy- The Thai Electric Vehicle Association-Informa Markets organized “ASEAN Sustainable Energy Week”(ASEW) and “Electric Vehicle Asia 2022” (EVA), industry exhibitions on energy, environment, and energy efficiency, and the most comprehensive electric vehicle technology in the ASEAN region. Responding to preparations for energy transition and establishing goals to propel Thailand towards a low-carbon, sustainable society through the use of clean energy technology.

With the cooperation and support of the Ministry of Energy, the Thai Electric Vehicle Association, and Informa Markets Thailand, Bangkok will host the "ASEAN Sustainable Energy Week 2022" on September 14, 2022. At this time, we will concentrate on the International Renewable Energy Exhibition, the National Energy Plan 2022, energy efficiency, the most comprehensive environmental technology in the region, preparing for the impending energy and as well as environmental transformation.

However, the Electric Vehicle Asia (EVA) and iEVTech 2022 are the most comprehensive exhibition and conference on electric vehicle technology in the ASEAN region, which have co-located this year. In other words, this is a crucial factor in Thailand's transition to a low-carbon, sustainable society with clean energy vehicles. The event held on Queen Sirikit National Convention Center, Halls 1-2, September, 14-16 2022, to meet the demand for electric vehicles among today's consumers.

“The Ministry of Energy places a high priority on reducing carbon emissions in order to mitigate the effects of climate change. We have been adhering to the government's policies outlined in the National Energy Plan 2022 in order to achieve Carbon Neutrality by 2050 through key policies, such as promoting the use of electric vehicles in accordance with the 30@30 policy that has established the objective. At least 30 percent of automobile production, also known as the "Zero Emission Vehicle-ZEV" policy, will be supported by an Energy Storage System (ESS) for the backup of electric vehicles. Boost the proportion of renewable and clean energy in the system. This year, the ministry will participate in the ASEW and EVA 2022 events to support knowledge and present vital policies that will shape Thailand's energy future. We believe that this forum will be a crucial venue for announcing this to the world. The international community is aware that Thailand is prepared to move toward carbon neutrality for environmental sustainability.” state by Mr. Kulit Sombatsiri, Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Energy Manu Leopairote, Chairman of Informa Markets Thailand said that in the past, “we have received good support from the Ministry of Energy in all aspects. Both in terms of promoting new knowledge about energy, including knowing the trend and the use of the National Energy Plan 2022 to promote opportunities for Thai entrepreneurs to drive and create an energy transition towards a better vane. We received good cooperation on this important occasion and organized two events together, namely "Electric Vehicle Asia (EVA) and iEVTech 2022," with the concept of "Driving Towards A Sustainable Low Carbon Society With E-Mobility." aims to drive towards a sustainable society, low carbon with clean energy vehicles, in which the event has gathered innovations and technologies that cover alternative energy in various forms. Smart grid system power management with 5G and AI technology to increase energy efficiency and comprehensive environmental and pollution management.

Organizing this event received good cooperation from all sectors, including the Ministry of Energy, Joint Graduate School of Energy and Environment (JGSEE), Electric Vehicle Association of Thailand (EVAT), and various government agencies, private sectors, all sectors, as well as entrepreneurs in the field of energy. More than 250 leading brands exhibited at various pavilions such as Japan, Germany, South Korea, Singapore, Switzerland, as well as the Hybrid Pavilion, and the event also brought together experts from both domestic and foreign countries to organize international conferences on energy and the environment. 50 seminar topics, such as the Renewable Energy Asia International Conference, iEVTech Conference, Asia Urban Energy Assembly, ASEAN Bioenergy and Bioeconomy Conference, and Thailand Connext.

More than 25,000 delegates from the ASEAN region are expected. We believe that this event will help create business opportunities, gain in-depth knowledge, and prepare entrepreneurs in the energy, environment, and related industries to support the market demand after the economic recovery and the COVID-19 situation.” said Mr. Manu.

The ASEAN Sustainable Energy Week and Electric Vehicle Asia 2022 Grand Opening. We are pleased to present "International Renewable Energy Exhibition energy efficiency" as our theme. At this event, the most extensive environmental technology and electric vehicle technology in ASEAN will be displayed. This year, however, it will be held in conjunction with "Boilex Asia and Pumps & Valves Asia 2022," an exhibition of boiler technology, regional pressure vessels, pumps, valves, pipes, fittings, and hardware. Thai Water Expo 2022 will also be present at this event. The only international water and wastewater technology exhibition and conference in Thailand. This event is an important platform for future preparations for Thailand's energy transition. From September 14-16, 2022, at the Queen Sirikit National Convention Center. For more information, please visit or call 02-036-0500.

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