The launch of the latest KOMATSU excavator Next Evolution is More Powerful and Economical

"Bangkok Komatsu Sales Co., Ltd.", the sole distributor of "Komatsu" heavy machinery in Thailand will launch the new excavator PC210-10M0, which defines as Next Evolution is "more powerful and economical". To meet the needs of customers in Thailand in 2019, PC210-10M0 will penetrate the heavy machinery market and other big projects.

Mr. Pranitan Phornprapha, the President and CEO of Bangkok Komatsu Sales Co., Ltd., revealed that in the past year, the competition in the heavy machinery market in Thailand is highly competitive. This is because the large government construction projects in the first half of the year have been progressed continuously, and in the meanwhile other heavy machinery brands are able to meet all types of construction projects and works. In addition, the company also looks for the business opportunities from the progress of the Eastern Economic Corridor [EEC] development projects, which many projects still have high demand for heavy machines such as High-speed rail project connecting 3 airports (Suvarnabhumi, Don Mueang, U-Taphao) and etc.

Furthermore, Komatsu continues to develop in order to meet the needs of the customers, and in 2019, the company develops the product to expand the heavy machinery market and more target customers. The company launches the new "KOMATSU" hydraulic excavator PC210-10M0, which defines as Next Evolution is "More Powerful and Economical". The development of a new engine control system can save up to 20% in fuel consumption. The advanced technology of Komatsu in low fuel consumption, PC210-10M0 is improved to reduce engine RPM and be more efficient on the fuel injection control system. Moreover, the hydraulic pump is developed to be larger. Thus, the flow rate of the hydraulic oil is higher at lower engine RPM. Besides, the new fan clutch system helps to reduce engine work load.

The designs of the main structures are reinforced and the engine power is more powerful. The horsepower of the "KOMATSU" hydraulic excavator PC210-10M0 is increased to 12%, 165 maximum horsepower. The main frame is designed newly by strengthening the equipment with the advanced welding technology from Komatsu. Moreover, it is increased mass of counterweight for efficiency and stability improvement. The new and larger bucket shape design can increase productivity and lifting capacity by 5%. From these features, the definition of PC210-10M0 New Evolution is more powerful and economical.

Mr. Pranitan stated that the overall heavy machinery market in 2018 was valued at approximately 13,300 million baht and Komatsu's sales were approximately 2,700 million baht, which represented 20 percent market share last year. In 2019, the company sets the sales target of PC210-10M0 at 400 units, which are 1,900 million baht. The company has estimated the sales target at 13,500 million baht that approximate to the last year's sales.

(In 2017, the overall heavy machinery market was valued at approximately 15,000 million baht and Komatsu's sales in 2017 were approximately 4,200 million baht) In addition, Komatsu aims to bring and utilizes new innovations so that the customers are able to use Komatsu machines efficiently. For example, KOMTRAX is the system that helps Komatsu customers to manage their machines. Komatsu also has CARTE system, which is a machine database that combines machine information from the beginning to the present, such as KOMTRAX, Periodic Maintenance (PM), KOWA, maintenance information. Therefore, Komatsu customers are able to access all machine information easily. Furthermore, the customers can plan to use their machines and do the machine maintenance efficiently.

Another important thing that we also do together with sale and it is always in our business plan is to maintain the machine in good condition throughout the life cycle. We provide both before and after sales services to customers. Especially after sales services, as the machine is a rather specialized product, we have taken care of our customers' machines throughout the life cycle (Total Life Cycle Support) by our services, B-CONNECT WARRANTY and CARTE, which have been particularly developed for our customers.

Currently, there are 23 service centers nationwide, including Chiang Mai, Khon Kaen, Nakhon Sawan and Mukdahan. The company also provides the professional teams for after sales service, which is the key priority." Mr. Pranitan said.

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