Toyota Debuts Corolla PHEV With 31 Miles Of Electric Range, BEV C-HR SUV Coming

Toyota announced that by the end of 2020, it will offer in China 10 new electrified vehicles.

The first two plug-ins were unveiled at the 2018 Beijing Auto Show:

Toyota Corolla PHEV

Toyota Levin PHEV

Both will be rated at up to 50 km (31 miles) of range and introduced on the market in 2019.

In 2017, Toyota introduced conventional hybrid versions of Corolla and Levin, produced locally. Also, the PHEVs will be manufactured locally.

The next new energy vehicles will be all-electric compact SUVs, hinted for 2020:

Toyota C-HR BEV


We need to note that the C-HR/IZOA seems to be one and the same car in two versions, made by two joint venture companies: “C-HR” (by GAC Toyota Motor Co., Ltd.) and “IZOA” (by FAW Toyota Motor Sales Co., Ltd.)

The Japanese company includes hybrid in its “electrified” classification, so we can’t be certain if there will be more plug-ins or just conventional hybrids.

“Toyota Motor Corporation (Toyota) announced today that it plans to introduce to the Chinese market plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV) versions of its “Corolla” and “Levin” passenger cars in 2019 and a battery electric vehicle (BEV) model based on its “C-HR” / “IZOA”* compact SUV in 2020. Including these, Toyota plans to introduce 10 new electrified vehicles in China by the end of 2020.

And, by further promoting its local production of electric motors (powertrain components), batteries, inverters, and other electrified-vehicle core technologies, Toyota aims to further accelerate its China-based vehicle electrification efforts.

The PHEV versions of the Corolla and Levin were unveiled today during the opening day of the Beijing Motor Show. Both models are expected to have a BEV driving range of 50 kilometers or greater, and in 2019, Toyota will begin producing them in China, marking Toyota’s first overseas production of PHEVs.”

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