Volkswagen Agrees To California’s Demand Of Installing Chargers in Low-Income Areas

Volkswagen has acquiesced to California’s recent requirement of an investment at least 35% of its post dieselgate spendings ($800 million) into disadvantaged communities (not that VW had a choice in the matter), although some details still need to be hammered out.

The German manufacturer, through its subsidiary Electrify America’s Chief Executive Mark McNabb said it will place charging infrastructure in six disadvantaged communities

“Volkswagen AG on Thursday told California it was expanding efforts to build electric car infrastructure in poorer communities, responding to regulators who described “shortcomings” in VW’s plan.”

“In a supplemental plan released on Thursday, the VW unit said it aimed to spend 35 percent of investment funds in such areas during the first $200 million, 30-month tranche.”

“It also said that more than half of funds for stations near highways would be spent in less affluent areas.”

California Air Resources Board member Dean Florez called the revised plan a “marked improvement” according to Reuters, but it’s not clear yet whether it will be enough, at least without revealing details.

The final plan is expected to be approved this summer.

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