Volvo Trucks Thailand launches new generation of heavy-duty trucks with safety and driver in focus

Volvo Trucks’ new generation of heavy duty trucks – the Volvo FH, FH16, FM and FMX – are now available in Thailand. These four new trucks have a strong focus on the driver environment, safety and productivity. With this new range, Volvo Trucks Thailand aim to be their customers’ best business partner by making them even more competitive and help them attract the best drivers in an increasingly tough market.

Volvo Trucks is launching four new heavy duty trucks, with a strong focus on the driver environment, safety and productivity.

An expected growing demand for transport is putting pressure on the availability of skilled drivers worldwide. To help customers recruit and retain the best drivers, Volvo Trucks has focused strongly on developing the new trucks to make them safer, more efficient and more attractive working tools for qualified drivers.

“We’re immensely proud to present our new generation of trucks will be reaching our valued customers in Thailand. As we understand that drivers who handle their truck safely and efficiently are an invaluable asset to any transport company. Responsible driving behaviour can help reduce CO2emissions and fuel costs, as well as helping reduce the risk of accidents, injury and unplanned downtime. Thus, this new range have been developed with a strong focus on improving the driver environment, safety and productivity of the vehicles, making them more efficient than their predecessors,” says Mr. Eric Labat, President of Volvo Trucks Thailand.

New cab, offering more space and improved visibility – Volvo FM and Volvo FMX

The new Volvo FM and Volvo FMX have a brand new cab, as well as many of the same instrument display functions as their larger Volvo counterparts. Their interior volume has been increased by up to one cubic meter, providing better comfort and more working room. The visibility is now even better due to larger windows, a lowered door line and new mirrors. The steering wheel is equipped with a neck tilt function allowing the driving position to be individually adjusted to a greater extent.

Living area upgraded for comfort

The new sleeper cab has been upgraded with a raised bed and improved storage possibilities that include a large storage compartment underneath the bed and an upper rear storage with LED panels in the compartment dividers. To move from the seat to the bed is easier than ever with a new slimmer, ergonomically designed I-Shift gear selector. Cab comfort is further enhanced through reinforced insulation that helps keep out heat and noise.

Winner of Red Dot Award 2021 for outstanding design quality – Volvo FM

The distinction “Red Dot” has become established internationally as one of the most sought-after seals of quality for good design. Winning this award highlights a well-balanced and purposeful design of the Volvo FM and its ability to create business value for the truck customers and to deliver a higher level of comfort, safety, and productivity.

All models have a new driver interface

The driver's area now has a completely new interface for information and communication, aimed at making it easier to overview and manage different functions, creating less stress and distraction. The instrument display is fully digital, with a 12-inch screen that makes it easy for the driver to choose the information needed at any time. There is a supplementary 9-inch side display available as option for infotainment, navigation, transport information and camera monitoring. The functions can be controlled via buttons on the steering wheel, or via the touchscreen and display control panel.

Enhanced safety systems to help avoid accidents

Driving is also facilitated by an improved Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) for speeds down to 0 km/h and downhill cruise control that automatically activates the wheel brakes when extra brake force is needed to maintain constant downhill speed. The Electronically controlled Brake System (EBS), which is a prerequisite for safety features such as Collision Warning with Emergency Brake and Electronic Stability Control, now comes as standard on the new truck. Volvo Dynamic Steering, with the safety systems Lane Keeping Assist and Stability Assist, is also available as an option. The visibility can be improved further by adding a passenger corner camera which provides a complementary view of the side of the truck on the side display.

Fuel efficiency and productivity

The variety of available driveline and chassis configurations means the new range can be tailored to deliver higher productivity and fuel savings in a wide range of applications. There have also been improvements for the Euro 3 versions with features like Volvo Torque Assist and new software of Volvo I-Shift that can deliver fuel savings.

A new range of Services setting the standard for Uptime

With this range, Volvo Trucks has developed Volvo Connect – a flexible, long-term digital solution – to support all aspects of a transport business by connecting important functions and applications in one user-friendly platform.

Volvo Connect can be accessed anytime, anywhere from a full range of devices and screen sizes. The intuitive interface allows users to plan routes, manage driving and resting times and monitor the locations of trucks to track their progress. It is also easy to find service schedules and check the repair and maintenance history of vehicles, helping to reduce unplanned stops and keep trucks moving.

Volvo Trucks has also Volvo Service Contracts, a service plan tailored to your truck and designed to keep your trucks rolling and improve your bottom line.

“To celebrate this launch, our customer would enjoy special offers for new trucks ordering. And they could rest assured our great customer service offering from our network 15 dealers nationwide. Besides, it’s expected to further expand to 18 dealers nationwide in 2022.” says Mr. Martin Sommer, Vice President of Volvo Trucks Sales Thailand.

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