YANMAR ViO30-6B mini excavators for quality construction work in confined spaces with versatility and full efficiency

YANMAR S.P. Co., Ltd, has launched the ViO30-6B mini excavator to the construction industry market. The durable and versatile excavators also feature a powerful fuel-saving diesel engine to minimize impact on the environment. Yanmar also pays attention to the quality of materials by focusing on durability and long term of usage without sacrificing efficiency for users who are able to choose between two options: air-conditioned or canopy.

Akira Nobe, Construction Machinery Manager explained about Yanmar engine system that the best of Yanmar technology is environmentally-friendly. It is in compliance with the Department of Air pollution's standards, the 3TNV88-ZSBV1 TNV direct-injection engine with a maximum of 23.7 horse power is electronically controlled enabling precise fuel injection in terms of timing and amount. The isochronous control supports fuel saving. Users can also opt for eco-mode function to further fuel-saving performance with a reduction of the normal fuel consumption by 25%. The engine also features an auto-deceleration system to be activated when the engine stops running.

Yanmar has also designed circuits of the hydraulic system for every model of Yanmar excavators for an ability to reduce pressure loss by allowing free flow of oil, controlling impacts on the engine parts to ensure longevity and reducing risk of hydraulic oil leakage during use.

The passenger cabin of every model of Yanmar excavator has been designed for the optimum comfort for users by providing spacious lower area to reduce work fatigue. The passenger cabin is quiet and protected from the external noise. Also, the air-conditioning system of every model of Yanmar excavator is unique for its cooling system that draws cooler air from the outside to the engine room and discharges heat. This significantly reduces the heat inside the engine room and the passenger cabin allowing the air conditioner to work with full efficiency, while excavators from other manufacturers in the market normally allow air to be drawn into the engine room leading to an accumulation of heat and affecting the performance of the air conditioner. Besides, the air conditioner of Yanmar excavators is also electronically controlled to maintain temperature balance when in operation even when the external temperature is high.

The Isochronous system in Yanmar excavators is the technology that maintains the stability of the engine speed despite heavier load. When the engine starts to slow down due to a heavy load, the electronic control system immediately responds by increasing the amount of fuel injection towards the combuster chamber. The excavators can thus work continuously with efficiency without any change of the set speed despite heavier load.

A hydraulic cylinder guard with leaf spring offers protection to keep the hydraulic cylinder from scratches caused by soil and dust. Also, chances for collision may be significantly decreased as the leaf spring can absorb shocks and is also high durable and damage-resistant. The hydraulic cylinder guard can offer full protection when extending and retracting. This allows users to operate the machinery with comfort and reassurance.

The quick coupler allow users to easily replace attachments with the control switch in the passenger cabin. There is no need to leave the passenger cabin or use a wheeler hammer as in the past, thus significantly saving the time for attachment replacement. Every Yanmar excavator has been designed to feature a strong and durable lower section to ensure readiness for any type of work including bulldozing that requires a lot of force or working on a steep hill.

Yanmar ViO30-6B mini excavators are manufactured by Yanmar Construction Equipment Company Limited, Japan from the design and manufacturing base located in Fukuoka, Kyushu, southern Japan. The latest air-conditioned ViO30-6B Yanmar excavator costs 1,340,000 baht and the quick coupler canopy costs 1,150,000 baht. Test drive is available today at your local Yanmar distributors. For more information, call 1638 or visit www.yanmarthailand.com or Yanmar Excavator Thailand.

About Yanmar S.P. Co., Ltd.

Yanmar S.P. started operations as part of the former Yanmar Diesel in 1978 in Thailand and manufactures and distributes agricultural machinery such as power tillers, tractors, rice transplanters, combine harvesters and sugarcane harvesters, multipurpose diesel engines, and industrial equipment such as small to large excavators. YANMAR S.P. has a nationwide network of dealers with service centers, as well as a subsidiary, Yanmar Capital (Thailand) Co., Ltd. which offers comprehensive finance to Yanmar customers in Thailand.

About Yanmar Co., Ltd.

With beginnings in Osaka, Japan, in 1912, Yanmar was the first to succeed in making a compact diesel engine of a practical size in 1933. Then, with industrial diesel engines as the cornerstone of its enterprise, Yanmar has continued to expand its product range, services, and expertise to deliver total solutions as an industrial equipment manufacturer. As a provider of small and large engines, agricultural machinery and facilities, construction equipment, energy systems, marine equipment, machine tools, and components, Yanmar's global business operations span seven domains.

For further information, please visit official website: https://www.yanmar.com/global/

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