Audi debuts AI:Trail quattro concept

The company has presented its vision for an all-electric off-roader of the future.

Audi has revealed the fourth and final model in its visionary concept series, the AI:Trail quattro.

The latest concept highlights Audi's vision for an all-electric off-roader. Without an internal-combustion engine to dictate the design, the purpose-built vehicle places the wheels far forward and rearward for maximum approach and departure angles.

Audi's luxury expertise is more apparent inside, with a modern cockpit and flat-bottom semicircle steering wheel. Four occupants are held snugly in cloth bucket seats with four-point seatbelts. Four electric motors provide a maximum output of 435 horsepower and 738 pound-feet of torque. Utilizing four motors eliminates the need for differentials and other traditional drivetrain gear that adds weight and friction losses.

Acknowledging the lack of charging infrastructure when on the trail, Audi has proposed a large lithium-ion battery that can cruise for up to 311 miles on "easy off-road terrain" or 155 miles on more hardcore trails.

The AI:Trail is obviously far from a production-viable vehicle, at least in today's automotive industry. Electric vehicle architecture is expected to provide enough flexibility for automakers to consider less traditional body styles, however, which may become more common after companies have launched EVs in all of the most popular segments.

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