C8 Chevy Corvette sells out for 2020 model year

Production is not expected to begin until February.

General Motors has confirmed that the C8 Chevrolet Corvette has already sold out for the 2020 model year.

Production is scheduled to start in February, slightly behind the original target due to delays after the United Auto Workers walked out during the latest round of union contract negotiations. The delays have apparently not affected GM's plan to build 40,000 cars for the mid-engine Corvette's first model year.

With a base price just shy of $60,000, the company is believed to be losing money on each unit that sells for less than $80,000. Many will presumably be optioned higher than the starting MSRP, while the sticker price will increase for the 2021 model year to bring the car a bit closer to the break-even point.

The extensive redesign will be particularly important for the Corvette as the sports-car market continues to struggle. The company is rumored to be working on several more variants including at least one hybrid flagship with at least 900 horsepower, due later in the C8 product cycle.

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