Is Ford Going To Offer A Toothless Fiesta ST?

And it’s less expensive, too.

The Fiesta ST has been a great choice for those who have been wanting to buy a hot hatch without the hefty price tag. However, if you want the ST styling but good with less power (and less price), Ford seems to have the right car for you.

In a report by CarsDirect, it looks like a Fiesta ST Line is going to be offered in the market. This is the ST Line, mind you, a Fiesta variant that has already been offered in the European markets for years. It’s just a style pack – based on the regular Fiesta but dressed in ST’s clothes. With that, you guessed it, it won’t offer the same performance as the 198-hp ST.

Engine specifications from the website says that the Fiesta ST Line will get a 1.6L inline 4-cylinder, as opposed to the 1.6L EcoBoost engine of the Fiesta ST. Although output figures of the ST Line’s engine is still at “TBD” as of this moment, dropping the EcoBoost will surely mean less power from the upcoming ST Line.

But at least the ST Line will look the part. According to CarsDirect, the ST Line will get the looks of the ST, including its face, high-mounted rear spoiler, and dual chrome-tipped exhaust. Although, it will get a smaller set of 10-spoke 16-inch black painted aluminum wheels, as opposed to the 17-inch Rado Gray of the ST. Unfortunately, ST sport suspension isn’t available.

Inside, the ST Line will have bucket seats with “sport embossed bolsters” and no option to upgrade to Recaro sport seats. Manual air-conditioning will be standard, as well as 4-way adjustable seats and 6-speaker setup.

The Ford Fiesta ST Line will be priced at $17,625, which is $3,715 cheaper than the more powerful Fiesta ST. 5-speed manual transmission is standard, but 6-speed PowerShift slushbox is available as a $1,095 option. Considering this huge price gap, the ST Line will be a huge value proposition for those looking for a small, good-looking hatchback. However, also considering the things you’ll have to drop, it will just be a matter of priorities for the buyer.

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