Volvo Car Thailand moves to new experiential showroom in Bangkok

Volvo Car Thailand, the global leader in innovative vehicle technology and a premium manufacturer of luxury lifestyle vehicles, has opened its new experiential showroom on the Volvo Retail Experience (VRE) concept in Bangkok. This endeavour supports Volvo's drive into the upper premium car market in Thailand, and in growing its customer base in this market as it has done throughout Europe, America and China. The new showroom is located on Wireless Road, Lumphini district.

Volvo calls its showroom concept the Volvo Retail Experience (VRE). VRE was created to focus the brand cornerstones more fully and serve customers in four main areas, which begin with the Contemporary Luxury Experience: that is, to fully explain the Volvo luxury proposition to customers through the brand's 'quality in functionality' approach and execution of its promise to Volvo customers within the Kingdom. Scandinavian design is focused on supreme daily functionality and in keeping things simple and uncomplicated. Sweden prides itself on being a transparent society with an open attitude and little hierarchy in our approach. We also have a proud tradition of craftsmanship, regardless of the materials used.

Other core focus areas are built around Understanding, Interaction and Wellbeing. The customer experience is delivered in a relaxing environment which offers highly positive deviation from daily stresses - and one in which everything is designed around customers' needs and desires. It offers an environment that encourages people to visit their local Volvo retailer often by offering many different touch-points and methods for bilateral interaction between brand and customer. Duty-bound to protect the wellbeing of customers through its own global brand promise, Volvo clients can spend pleasurable hours with Volvo representatives, and talk in a very personal.

Chris Wailes, Managing Director Volvo Cars (Thailand) Limited. explains, "The new showroom will assure we are able to deliver the best service to clients, and also offer a place where everyone will feel at home with the brand, including our own teams. The design concept is based on contrasts; open versus closed, warm versus cool –

[Exterior] The distinctive, 'cool' new exterior design will create the right first impression of a luxury brand. [Interior] There will be a 'warm' and more inviting interior design direction, a comfortable and well-equipped Living room, and a more enticing and engaging Showroom that showcases our products. All these features will provide the right environment in which to deliver a more appropriate and valuable customer experience that fully supports Volvo's new brand direction.

The natural properties of etched glass create a varied look throughout the day - white and solid during daylight hours and translucent during the evening. In contrast to the sharp exteriors, customers will find the interiors warm and welcoming.

The interior of the new car Showroom consists of The Street and the Living Room Area. The Street is characterised by its raw yet sophisticated appeal, while the Living Room Area is welcoming and relaxed. The Street contains many points of interest (product display areas, Accessory, and the Car Delivery Area). The Living Room is an oasis of calm in which Sales Consultants can meet customers in a more informal manner. Points of interest here are the Reception Area, the Customer Lounge Area with different seating options and the Coffee Bar Area and Kid's Lounge. It's all very Scandinavian in its clean appeal, functionality and ease of use, and a basis for inspiration through extraordinary design.

Chris continues, "All of our facilities can be experienced as spacious, exciting, exclusive and luxurious environments, uniquely Volvo and influenced by Scandinavian design. This is at the heart of Volvo's design philosophy. However, we want to create this environment in a daily-functional way, and also for our customers to conduct stress-free lives".

Owner of the new showroom, Mr. Winn Santipongchai, said, "We are excited and proud to be the official dealer of Volvo in Thailand. Having been in the luxury car business for more than two decades, the proprietor of GT Auto Co., Ltd. added, "We recognize the great opportunities that exist for Volvo in Thailand. Given the combination of macro-economic indicators and Volvo's unprecedented level of investment in new products, we see only strong growth for Volvo in this region. The VRE new showroom enhance the sales and service of Volvo car, also impress them with an all new experience With the current Volvo product ranges/growth strategy, combined with our market experience and plans for the Thai market, we are convinced that we can help Volvo Thailand significantly to achieve its ambitious growth plan in 2021".

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