1930 Cadillac V16 would destroy any modern car Reckon all pre-war classics are slow, bouncy and ungainly?

The 1930 Cadillac Sixteen headed for auction with RM Sotheby’s doesn’t think so – boasting a 7.4-litre V16 engine under the bonnet…

In a modern world where internal combustion attracts controversy and charismatic, fuel-hungry beasts are being hounded to extinction, gearheads repeatedly turn to the avenues of yesteryear in search of adrenaline-lined soul.

Through the turbocharged and neon-lit decades of excess to the V12-powered 1970s, there’s a plethora of gas-guzzling vehicles out there offering clout, power and passion. However, for true decadence you can’t trump the almighty Cadillac Sixteen - such as this one being sold by RM Sotheby's.

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