A.P. Honda Maintains its Leadership for 30 Consecutive Years and Welcomes the Year of Golden Boar with 4 New Models

A.P. Honda has announced the success of 2018 with its total sale of 1,404,000 units sold, or 78.5% of market share. It has also maintained the market leadership for 30 consecutive years. The company is moving forward to the next step under "What Stops You?" concept and proactive insight centric marketing that reaches out to consumers of the digital era. Let's welcome the year of golden boar with four new models, equipped with advanced technology for Honda motorcycle users. Led by All New Honda Wave 110i, the trendsetter, and new color of Honda Super Cub, the retro fashion. There are also Honda PCX 150, the premium AT, and new color of Honda CRF250L, the sport enduro. All will be available in the market nationwide at the end of January.

Mr. Yoichi Mizutani, President of A.P. Honda Co., Ltd., official distributor of Honda motorcycle in Thailand, stated that: "Although Thailand enjoyed a 4% growth in 2018, the growth of domestic motorcycle didn't match the GDP, thanks to the internal and external fluctuating market throughout the year. That resulted in 1.79 million units sold, which is a 1% decrease, in the overall motorcycle market. However, despite the decrease, Honda enjoyed 1.4 million units sold, which accounted for 78.5% of the overall market. Honda sales also topped in all segments. That also made Honda maintain its market leadership for 30 years in a roll. A.P. Honda would like to thank you all for having always welcomed Honda products. In 2019, the market forecast for the overall market is at 1.72 million units while Honda expects to sweep 1.36 million units. For big bike market segment, the overall market enjoyed a 5% rise, or 31,179 units sold, while Honda accounted for 43% of the overall market, or 13,285 units sold or a 3% rise. As a result, Honda has maintained its market leadership in big bike segment for five consecutive years. In 2019, the forecast for this segment is 31,500, which is similar to the previous year. Honda expects to reach 13,300. For the Cub House, our latest business launched last year has initiated new riding culture. There are currently eight networks of Cub House in eight areas throughout the country."

Mr. Suchart Arunsaengroj, Vice President of A.P. Honda, revealed the strategy for this year under What Stops You? concept that: "In 2019, the company has a proactive marketing policy to cater to users in the digital era, with the insight centric strategy through the 3C practice.

1. Creating Customer Experience is to offer new experiences, must-have experience, in the digital era at Honda Wing Center. 2. Connecting to social trend is to link all customers with different sub culture in the same digital platform. Brand memory will be created through world-class activities, such as an event to cheer on Somkiat "Kong" Chantra, the Thai racer at the Moto2 competition at Thai GP held at Chang International Circuit in Buri Ram, or an event to cheer on the international World MotoGP competition.

3. Capability of Life is to move forward so that the customers will be provided with new products that truly meet their demands. The four launches, covering all segments, at the beginning of the year are to answer to the demands of the contemporary lifestyle. Starting from family motorcycle, the segment grew and accounted for 51% of the overall market, which can be considered the main market for domestic industry. The segment also expects to grow despite unpredictable economy.

"The company has welcomed new year with "All New Honda Wave 110i", the most popular model in family category. The model has been re-designed with new LED headlight that provides a better visibility. The new headlight has been designed to be heart-shape and separated winker lights that stands out both during day time and night time. The new meter, featuring gear level and other functions, comes with the graphic design. The new tail light has been re-designed to show off its sleek elements. The 7.4-liter underseat storage is convenient and user-friendly key shutter system. The model comes with 4-stroke, 110cc engine, and PGM-FI technology. The fuel economy is at 63.3km per liter, based on the new standard by Thai Industrial Standards Institute and measured bu the ECE R40 mode. The All New Honda Wave 110i offers hand and foot starters, and cast wheels and spoke wheels. Suggested retail price is 36,500 baht. The model will be available nationwide from January 17 onwards.

The new Honda Wave 110i has constantly been developed in both design and technology for beauty, fuel economy, durability, user-friendliness. The model has also been designed to meet the changing demands. Honda Wave, therefore, has grown with Thai users for 21 years. Between 1997 and 2018, the accumulated sale of the series, which is 14.5 million units sold, became the highest in the history of Thai motorcycle industry. That reflects how the model has been trusted by Thai users and adjusted to always meet the changing demands. All New Honda Wave 110i, being launched at the beginning of 2019, shows how the model is being brought back to the modernity and maintain its status of being "the number one happiness of every family". To convey the message to the target group, "Rao Me Rao" (We have each other) - that has been rearranged to meet the modern taste and be more active - has been chosen as the new theme song. The content of the song shows the bond between Honda Wave and Thai families, that will remain unchanged. The new commercial will be released at the end of January."

Moreover, A.P. Honda is also presenting a colorful model, Honda Super Cub, that's been made in retro Japanese design, with a round LED headlight. The model has two more color options: orange-white and blue-white, apart from white, green-white and red-white that comes with off-white windshield. The design has been decorated with ketters and symbolic graphic, represented in Japanese style. Set in the middle of the sea current, the red sun represents the Japanese identity. Moreover, the retro-style round headlight has been well kept and transferred from previous to the New Honda Super Cub. The model will be represented by two net idols; Jan Jang and Pimtha umder the concept of Honda Super Cub Forever Retro. Suggested retail price is 47,100 baht. The model will be available nationwide in mid-January onwards.

Premium New Honda PCX150 has been given a new colorful touch, under New Energetic Pride concept, to communicate with the younger generation who enjoys premium AT scooter. The sport model comes in two-tone colors which are red-white and black-red while the premium model comes with gold cast wheels is offered in black-red and blue-black. Suggested retail price for New Honda PCX150 is 83,300 baht. The model will beavailable nationwide in mid-January onwards.

Honda keeps the enduro segment active with the launch of New CRF250L that comes with new color and design, under the All Destinations Are Possible concept. A new color, black, will be offered as an option for those who are passionate about the adventures. Red CFR250L is designed to be sporty and comes with all-red shield, sleek enduro design, and matte black wheels. The model will be available nationwide in mid-January. Suggested retail price is from 134,600 baht.

To fully support road safety campaign, A.P. Honda has been determined to minimize road accidents. Honda APT: Honda Accident Prediction Training program, the 3D media, has been developed in an e-learning format for road users to learn from and adapt into their daily life. For interested public, please visit https://www.aphonda.co.th/hondasafetyapt/.

interested public may request for information at Honda Wing Center or from

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