Alfa Romeo 6C Concept-Inspired by the original Alfa Romeo 6C from 1948

The first muscle car was developed in United States some half century ago and by definition they are a high performance two door coupes made for wider masses, basically for people who can’t really afford some of the most famous brands like Ferrari or Lamborghini. Europeans produced some cars that resembled muscle cars, but what if we could buy the real Italian muscle car in near future. As we all know the new Alfa Romeo 4C is going to be presented on Geneva Auto Show next month, but it is only one model that’s going to come out after who knows how long, so automotive designer Alex Imnadze presented us his vision of the Alfa Romeo muscle car.

His vision is Alfa Romeo 6C and it is supposed to be a competition to cars like Ford Mustang and Chevrolet Corvette and Camaro. It would basically be a real European muscle car with a front engine-rear wheel drive configuration. He was inspired by the original Alfa Romeo 6C from 1948 and by relatively new Alfa Romeo 8C, as by some of the famous Alfa Romeo concepts like 2uettottanta designed by Pininfarina. As we can see on these pictures, Alfa Romeo 6C is beautiful, it has those Italian design lines and hopefully it will have an engine that will correspond to this amazing design. We didn’t get any information about the engine which would be fitted in Alfa Romeo 6C and I know that most of you would like to see a powerful V8, but as the name of this cars says “6C” it will probably be the 6 cylinder. I think that I speak in the name of many Alfists and Alfa Romeo enthusiasts when I say that this beauty should go into production; this is exactly what Alfa Romeo needs, another masterpiece with an engine worthy of carrying Alfa Romeo badge.

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