Aquatic-themed FV-Frangivento supercar brings Mediterranean allure to motoring

Italian automobile company FV-Frangivento showcased its brand new fully electric supercar, the Charlotte Roadster, at the Top Marques exhibition in Monaco

The model was designed Giorgio Pirolo and Paolo Mancini, who wanted to create a car driven by sustainable energy, adapting the roadster version of the factory's Asfane model for such a purpose.

SOT, Giorgio Pirolo, FV-Frangiventi designer (Italian): "We have a car that is full-electric, completely full-electric. However, it does have a modular structure that allows us to host a hybrid engine that uses petrol, a 5,000 v10 combined with two electric engines in the front."

SOT, Giorgio Pirolo, FV-Frangiventi designer (Italian): "The interior is instead composed of completely original elements that come from an imaginative world: you can find moving animals, such as sharks, swans or even the shape of Sicily, inserted in "the floating island", where there are silver buttons that work as the car's consolle."

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