“Chang SUPER GT Race” Ready to Bring Excitement for a 6th consecutive year Prepare for the Legendary Supercar racing experience from Japan on 29–30 June in Buriram

Excitement and exhilaration return to Chang International Circuit Buriram as the host to “Chang SUPER GT Race 2019”, a world-class racing event from Japan, on June 29–30. Thai motorsport fans have had the privilege of enjoying this event for six consecutive years where the atmosphere from its native Japan is recreated at Buriram circuit, along with a variety of Thai-Japanese entertainment activities throughout the weekend. Thai talent driver-Nattapong Hortongkum and Nattavude Charoensukhawatana hopes to perform well with Panther Arto Team Thailand and make local fans proud.

Buriram United International Circuit Co., Ltd. in associating with the Sports Authority of Thailand, GTA Co., Ltd.—the promoter of SUPER GT, Chang International Co., Ltd, PTT Oil and Retail Businesses Co., Ltd (PTTOR), Toyota Motor (Thailand), and Honda Automobile (Thailand) to hold a press conference for “Chang SUPER GT Race 2019”, the legendary racing event from Japan enjoyed by fans across the world. This incredible event will be held on June 29–30, 2019 in Buriram.

SAT Governor Dr. Gongsak Yodmanee said over the 5-year period hosting the racing series at Chang International Circuit, Buriram, both international and local motorsport fans have responded extremely well to the event as the attendance record is among the highest for this racing series. This racing extravaganza is reaching more than 40 million people. SUPER GT is a very popular racing series in Japan for many years and the only race which held outside Japan are exclusively in Thailand. Over 3-day racing event, ten thousand of Thai and foreign fans, particularly Japanese fans, will flock to the circuit for the highly anticipated races.

This event will help Thailand generate massive income for its economy, as well as improve the talent of Thai drivers taking part in the race. SAT is ready on supporting this event in order to push and improve the abilities of Thai drivers on a global stage, build a reputation for Thailand, and promote sports as a way to create economic opportunities in the region.

“I am very pleased to see SUPER GT return to Thailand. SUPER GT has gained a strong attention from Thai motorsport fans because of the authentic Japanese-style atmosphere which recreated in Buriram. The Championship has been finished 3rd Round out of 8 Round. The race to the podium is still intense. Regarding the successful in hosting the motorcycle grand prix “MotoGP” of Chang International Circuit, the passion for motorsport in Thailand has been ignited. I believe that SUPER GT will get the warm welcome and pleasant from Thai fans as always” said Mr. Masaaki Bandoh, Chairman of GTA Co., Ltd. the promoter of SUPER GT.

Mr. Tanaisiri Chanvitayarom, Managing Director of Chang International Circuit, said that SUPER GT is highlighted by the stunning line up of world-class racecars equipped with the latest technologies. The top-tier GT500 class features the most advanced technology from car manufacturers. In addition to Japan’s top drivers,

the race also features some of the world’s best drivers including former F1 champion’s - Jenson Button, Heikki Kovalainen, and Kazuki Nakajima. The GT300 class features supercars from leading car manufacturers around the world. Thai fans are invited to cheer on ai of Panther Arto Team Thailand, the only Thai team competing in Home Race.

“Besides enjoying the excitement of Chang SUPER GT Race 2019, fans can be indulged in the various fun activities and entertainment such as Pit Walk, where supercars worth billions will be display, meet and greet with world-class drivers and more than 100 beautiful race queens from Japan. There is a Circuit Safari where fans can take a tour of the certified race track, experiences the race car on track during official practice. Fans will also enjoy the official support race from Toyota Gazoo Racing Motor Sport and Honda Racing 2019. “

Mr. Rojanasit Meenijacin, Assistant Vice President of Thaibev Thaitalent, Thaibeverage Plc., said SUPER GT is the legendary race from Japan and it is the race which race at Chang International Circuit for Grand Opening. As the title sponsor for the third year, we are happy to support Thai drivers to become a world-class driver and create an opportunity for Thai motorsport fans to attend the international race without traveling overseas.

We prepared an incredible list of activities and entertainment over the 3-day event at Chang International Circuit. The area around the racetrack will become a center for Japanese culture with “Chang Thai-Japanese Street Festival.” Visitors will experience the best of Thai-Japanese style street festival where they can enjoy games, street food from Thailand and Japan.

The list continues with an expo featuring Japanese-style tuned cars, the first-ever Car Swap Meeting held in the Isaan region, a performance from the King of Sound Sing, together with outdoor party.

This is a must-go event for motorsport fans. Tickets are available at www.allticket.com or any 7-Eleven stores.

Grandstand ticket (2 Days) – 1,000 baht

Grandstand ticket (1 Day) – 700 baht

Side stand ticket (2 Days) – 300 baht

Side stand ticket (1 Day) – 200 baht

Bus Safari – 500 baht

Pit Walk – 300 baht

Grid Walk – 500 baht

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