Concept : 2017 BMW i Inside Future Concept- Sculpture exhibited by BMW at CES 2017

The various ideas for the vehicle interior of the future include a pioneering way of controlling functions: BMW HoloActive Touch takes the gesture control functionality that is already available today in the BMW 7 Series and BMW 5 Series to a whole new level. The innovative interface between driver and vehicle comprises a free-floating display next to the steering wheel that can be operated directly with the finger, and an ultrasonic source that provides tactile feedback for the driver's inputs - all without actual contact being made with a user interface.

The interior's transformation into a living space The BMW i Inside Future sculpture exhibited at CES 2017 offers a look ahead to the future of interior design. BMW's vision makes allowance for the fact that a vehicle's interior is set to turn more and more into a living space for comfortfocused, permanently connected users. The interior of the future will function as a place of retreat, an office or a recreational space for entertainment, as required. Intelligent connectivity is expanding the spectrum of digital services available inside a vehicle, while automated driving is reducing the driver's workload and providing the extra freedom needed to take advantage of these services in their car. With BMW i Inside Future, BMW is demonstrating how these technologies can be taken a few steps further and supplemented by further innovations to create the vision of an interior that has been purpose-designed for fully automated driving and intelligent connectivity. The study emulates the state-of-the-art, luxuriously appointed ambience of a premium car, in which top material and build quality are traditionally combined with unobtrusive technology that is there whenever it is needed.

Multifunctional cockpit with fully integrated widescreen display The interior of the future has been designed so that both the ambience and controls adapt to the current driving mode. In the future, too, it will be the driver alone who makes the choice between active and automated driving. The navigation system identifies those sections of the route that are suitable for highly or fully automated driving, and the driver is notified when the vehicle reaches such a stretch of road and can then activate the switch to automated mode. The driver can also take over control of the vehicle again at any time when driving in automated mode. Elements of the cockpit's appearance, including the display and control system, change in accordance with the selected driving mode. In Drive Time mode, the functions that are geared towards active driving take centre stage. With the introduction of automated driving, however, the tasks of longitudinal and lateral vehicle control will be taken care of for the driver. The vehicle accelerates, brakes and steers by itself, without the driver having to intervene. In future, this form of mobility will probably first become possible on selected stretches of road - for logical reasons these will be motorways or other roads where traffic moves in the same direction.

The BMW i Inside Future sculpture is equipped with a Dashboard Display that is fully integrated in the instrument panel and extends across its entire width. In contrast to conventional screens, the non-illuminated areas of the cuttingedge widescreen monitor do not stand out from the sections of the cockpit surrounding them. All functions can be selected and activated by voice control or from the driver's seat using the BMW HoloActive Touch system : Revolutionary technology for a fascinating user experience As with BMW gesture control, the BMW HoloActive Touch system also captures the driver's hand movements using a high-sensitivity camera, which focuses particularly on the position of the fingertips in relation to the image floating in mid-air. This enables the system to determine exactly which of the tile-like menu options the driver is selecting with their finger and to activate the associated function. The personal BMW Sound Curtain

Another innovation being presented for the first time in the BMW i Inside Future sculpture on show at CES 2017 is the personalised audio programme. In the vehicle interior of the future, the driver and passengers can each enjoy their own personal entertainment programme. To this end, the audio signal is emitted solely through the personal BMW Sound Curtain in each seat's head restraint; the acoustic signals can be heard only by the occupant of that particular seat.

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