• Rinspeed presents the clever urban 'Oasis' runabout at the CES in Las Vegas and the NAIAS in Detroit in January 2017

Garden plot on wheels for the urban jungle You can count on Swiss automotive visionary Frank M. Rinderknecht when it comes to reimagining mobility. With the Rinspeed concept vehicle 'Oasis,' the ingenious self-driving electric vehicle for the city and surrounding areas, he refutes the deeply ingrained notion of the urban jungle that requires SÚVs the size of battle tanks for the daily struggle for survival. His alternative concept: a maneuverable speedster wîth an integrated small garden plot behind the windshield.

The Rinspeed boss therefore challenges the martial appearance wîth mobile urban gardening. With its large glazed areas and shrouds on the front wheels, the refined and swift two-seat runabout looks rather futuristic and is somewhat reminiscent of a modern interpretation of famous Star Wars icon R2D2. They both can turn on their wheels wîth almost a zero radius. In the case of the 'Oasis,' thanks to a special §teering angle, two in-wheel electric motors and torque vectoring, all developed by ZF on Lake Constance.


The self-driving Swiss vehicle is not a wallflower or strictly functional like the Google Car, but rather 'next gen' - wîth a host of technical and visual treats inside. Because in keeping wîth a great tradition, the twenty-third Rinspeed concept car was again engineered by Swiss company 4erC and executed by Esoro.

Speaking of inside: The ultimate eye-catcher is the small garden wîth enough space for growing radishes or even little Bonsai trees. Automotive supplier Kostal adds the element of nature to the car to make it a true third space. 'Home+Garden' becomes 'Car+Garden' - brought together by a custom removable planter.


The small garden plot is just one of features that creates a new living space in the interior of the car. Armchairs, sideboard and TV provide a modern living room ambience in white. Everything looks welcoming and inviting, thanks to the efforts of the innovative Swabian textile developers at Strahle+Hess, and Dutch company Stahl, the world market leader in leather and synthetic surfaces in automotive interiors. Together, they created a remarkable ensemble of natural, functional leather wîth various designs and surfaces complemented by textiles wîth bright edging highlights. For this purpose, Schoeller Spinning Group supplied an all-new highly elastic wool yarn. Also worthy of note are the elegant aluminum seat bases from GF Automotive in bionic lightweight design, the futuristic retractable air vents, and the multi-purpose storage box from Dr. Schneider Únternehmensgruppe. The floor is made from real wood, and created by the specialists from MeisterWerke. All adhesive bonds in and on the 'Oasis' are realized wîth innovative adhesives from Sika Automotive.

To interact wîth the Harman system, the occupants use a slightly curved 5K widescreen display wîth voice- or gesture-control that spans the width of the 'Oasis' in front of its passengers. In manual mode, it presents the most important information in condensed form. The images of the electronic rearview mirrors are dimmed when not needed.


The §teering wheel from ZF folds flat and thus turns into a keyboard or work surface. The car thus becomes a self-driving office on wheels, complete wîth Office productivity software and Skype video telephony wîth live translation. The personal assistant not only knows which of the occupants is talking to it at the time, but also in what language the occupant speaks. The 'Oasis' passengers are able to exchange and share interesting news on social media channels by using swiping gestures. In keeping wîth a ten-year tradition, a mechanical Carl F. Bucherer watch is integrated on the §teering column. What is more: On the 'Oasis,' the new Manero Flyback is rewound by the §teering motions.

Curtains up for the evening entertainment wîth viewing enjoyment in CinemaScope, accompanied by the Harman Kardon 24-channel sound that virtually follows the passenger as the seat glides into the fully reclined position. The personal assistant takes a photo of the stunning sunset in passing - the 'Oasis' keeps a diary and if desired also acts as a travel blogger to keep the Instagram followers up to date.

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