Ferrari History Italian car manufacturer founded by Enzo Ferrari.

It produces luxury sports cars and racing cars, which participate in the top world competitions. It was founded in 1929 with the name Scuderia Ferrari (Ferrari Stable); in the first years of activity they did not manufacture their own cars, they prepared Alfa Romeo cars. The manufacturing factory was founded on 13 September 1939 in Modena, with the foundation of Auto Avio Costruzioni, when Enzo Ferrari decided to produce a sports car, the 815, which participated in the 1940 Mille Miglia.

The factory moved to the province of Modena in 1943 and in 1947 the 125S was the first Ferrari car to exit from the historic gate in via Abetone Inferiore, Maranello. The first victory in a sports race came in Rome’s Grand Prix on 25 May 1947. Ten years later, the Auto Avio Costruzioni was renamed as Auto Costruzioni Ferrari, and in 1965 it became Ferrari SpA. To respond to the increasing market demands, in 1969, Enzo Ferrari sold 50% of his shares to the FIAT Group, a percentage that in 1988 rose to 90%.

Enzo Ferrari had always been a fan of car racing and he was convinced that sports competitions allowed the introduction of significant technological innovations, which were useful to improve the performance of road cars, too. Ferrari cars are renowned for their sophisticated style, due to the work of top designers. In 1950, the Scuderia Ferrari entered the Formula 1 World Championship - the first year the championship took place. The following year, they won the championship with driver José Froilan González. The first Drivers title came in 1952, won by Alberto Ascari. Ferrari became one of the most important stables, winning dozens of championships in the most prestigious car races.

Together with the successes at the 24 Hours of Le Mans and the victories at the Mille Miglia, Ferrari is among the most-winning teams in Formula 1, as regards the number of titles for Constructors and Drivers. Some of the most famous Ferrari drivers are Juan Manuel Fangio, Niki Lauda, Gilles Villeneuve, Michael Schumacher, Fernando Alonso and Sebastian Vettel, among others.Ferrari cars are all over the world: the brand with the black prancing horse on a yellow background has become a legend, together with the red colour of their bodywork.

In 2005 in Abu Dhabi, in the United Arab Emirates, the Ferrari World theme park opened. In 2011 it was the time of the Ferrari Museum in Maranello, in the province of Modena, followed by the Shangai Museum, in China, in 2012. In 2013 and in 2014, Ferrari was considered as the most influential brand in the world.

Over the past seven decades, Ferrari has come a long way since its start as a fledgling racecar builder.

In 2015, Ferrari's IPO on the New York Stock Exchange valued the company at nearly $10 billion. Now, the company's market cap has risen to $30 billion. This makes the car maker one of the most valuable and recognizable brands in the world; its "prancing horse" logo is synonymous with sex, money and the high life.

Ferrari wasn't always the global luxury brand that's now being traded in New York. The company's early daysas a maker of racing cars were rather humble, and it took an Italian-American racing star named Luigi Chinetti to begin the transformation into a purveyor of glamorous supercars for the world's well-heeled. The company's success drew takeover interest, and later rivalry, from Ford – before Ferrari eventually became part of FIAT.

For many years, Ferrari artificially limited its annual production figures to preserve the exclusivity of its cars. However, since the IPO in the fall of 2015, the company has steadily increased the number of cars it delivers to customers.

But even if Ferrari sells 10,000 cars, those cars are still exceedingly rare. In fact, most of the company's models are supply limited in that the number it sells is limited not by how many people want to buy a car but by how many they can make.

Celebrating 90 Years of Ferrari Racing

At the age of 10, Enzo Ferrari attended his first race, the Coppa Fiorio. He didn’t know it, but that race on September 6th, 1908, would change the automobile world forever. Just 21 years later, Scuderia Ferrari was formed as the racing arm of Alfa Romeo. While Enzo Ferrari would soon break from the Alfa Romeo racing team and start producing the vehicles we know and love, it is here, in 1929, where he laid the foundations. And that is why we’re celebrating 90 years of Ferrari at Ferrari Lake Forest.

Breaking from Alfa Romeo

Scuderia Ferrari was founded on November 16th, 1929, and quickly brought fame to Alfa Romeo, but by 1938, the automaker decided to re-enter the racing world under its own name. Alfa Corse absorbed what had been Scuderia Ferrari, a change Enzo Ferrari clearly did not agree with — he was dismissed by Alfa Romeo in 1939 and forbidden from racing under his own name for four years.

Not one to idle, Ferrari started work on the now-famous Tipo 815 in 1939. While their work paused during the war years, Ferrari recruited much of his former Alfa team after the war and established a new Scuderia Ferrari based out of Maranello — one that would design, build, and race its own cars funded by sales of vehicles like the 125 .

Ferrari 125 S

The Beginnings of a Legacy

With the establishment of the Formula One World Championship in 1950, the world of modern racing began to take shape. And Ferrari has been there since day one, the only team to have competed in every season of the Formula One World Championship to the current day. Ferrari did more than just compete in the races — they started setting records. While Alfa Romeo dominated the scene in 1950, Ferrari broke their streak in 1951 at the British Grand Prix thanks to José Froilán González took. The championships started to fall like dominos after that, with Ferrari bringing home world titles in 1952 and 1953.

The Formula One dominance in the early 50s simply kicked off the legacy of Ferrari-owned excellence, with Ferrari soon claiming six of the first seven World Sportscar Championships and winning the 24 Hours of Le Mans 6 years in a row from 1960 to 1965. It’s these incredible beginnings to a racing legacy that have led us to powerhouses like the SF90 Stradale, and it’s why we celebrate at Ferrari Lake Forest.

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