Opel teases new design language

Opel's new look represents the first shakeup under new owner PSA.

Opel has released a teaser image of a forthcoming concept vehicle that will usher in a new design language for the brand. The new styling direction will mark Opel's first major change under the ownership of France's PSA.

The new concept, known simply as the 2018 Brand Concept, will take styling cues from the Opel CD concept car that debuted at the 1969 Frankfurt Motor Show, as well as the GT Concept that debuted in 2016. The 2018 Brand Concept will emphasize what Opel calls the 'Opel Compass,' which consists of vertical and horizontal lines that intersect at the Opel badge.

"Strong proportions, simple but sculptural surfaces, bold graphics, and rare but extremely well executed details - the 2018 Brand Concept we are preparing continues to develop the principles we explored with the GT Concept. There is a clear continuity and consistency in the way we express Opel's values. However, we have taken several steps forward and are now setting the structure for the future face of Opel. This will be articulated around what we call the Opel Compass," said Vice President Design Mark Adams.

It will take a while for the 2018 Brand Concept's styling cues to trickle down to production Opel models, however. The company says the concept's design language won't land in dealer showrooms until the mid-2020s.

It remains to be seen if Opel's new look will ever make it to our shores. Several Opel models were re-badged and sold in the United States under the Buick banner, but that was under the ownership of General Motors. New Opel owner PSA has vowed to expand the German automaker's footprint, but the company has not yet confirmed if the USA is part of those plans.

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