Subaru planning 380-hp WRX STI?

It may only be sold in Japan.

Subaru has announced plans to release a limited-edition model named WRX STI TC 380. Details remain few and far between, but we think the nameplate corresponds to a 380-horsepower variant of the company's top sedan.

The company explains it enlisted the help of World Rally Championship (WRC) driver Toshihiro Arai to develop the WRX STI TC 380. It stopped short of providing technical details but it notes the modifications include a bigger turbocharger sourced from HKS and a front strut brace provided by Arai's own aftermarket parts company. The name leads us to speculate the turbo-related modifications boost the 2.5-liter flat-four engine's output to 380 horsepower, 80 more than stock. If we're right, that's a generous 70-horsepower increase over the 2019 STI.

Subaru will also add a model-specific carbon fiber spoiler and a pair of Recaro bucket seats for the front passengers. We'll find out what else Subaru has in store when the model makes its official debut in the coming weeks.

We already know the TC 380 will cost 4,965,840 Japanese yen including tax, a figure that corresponds to nearly $45,000. Production will be strictly limited to 50 examples, meaning enthusiasts are likely to scoop up the entire production run in record time. As of writing, there's no indication the brand will sell the TC 380 in the United States.

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