TRON-Inspired ‘Green Machine’ Hits the Streets

Josh Rivers of Phoenix had a penchant for sci-fi and a 2015 Ford Mustang as a canvas. After working with Phoenix based Apex Customs, Rivers’ Mustang now looks like no other. Now dubbed The Green Machine, the car looks straight out of the movie TRON.

Rivers, 26, became victim to a random shooting in 2010 that left him paralyzed from the waist down. While he seeks stem cell therapy to help him regain function in legs, Rivers drives the custom Mustang with specially equipped hand controls.

The TRON Job

What did it take to turn an ordinary Mustang into The Green Machine and perhaps the best-looking on the grid? Rivers said he started at Best Bu, with a new sound system and a couple of small paint jobs at Lucky Luciano Paint Shop, green key fobs and rear Pony logo.

Apex Customs provided the new Rosso Insignia 20-inch black-and-copper wheels with Nitto skins. Like the key fobs and pony, these would also receive the green color treatment.

After a black powder-coat, Apex Customs wrapped the wheels copper accents in 3M's Sheer Luck green vinyl wrap to match the rest of the car. The brake calipers received a black powder-coat treatment as well.

Lighting was next, with Rivers opting for green halo headlights and fog lights, green LED daytime running lamps, and green LED accent lighting behind the grille.

For the body, Rivers opted for a full-body vinyl wrap, a custom dark green with Sheer Luck green TRON lines.

The Driver

Rivers is a big sci-fi fan, and green is his favorite color. He said he's happy with the overall look of his car, though at some point in the future he might choose a slightly lighter green body wrap.

Inside, aside from green accepts and accent lighting, one also notes his 2015 Ford Mustang is fitted with specially equipped hand controls.

Rivers is still in therapy for his spinal cord injury, but the momentary weakness has not kept him down. For now, hand controls give him the confidence he needs and the freedom of the open road.

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